Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Shana Tovah!

As we approach the Days of Awe, be thinking about how YOU can BE MORE AWEsome! This period of time in our calendar reminds us to evaluate ourselves as human beings. Are you being the best "YOU" you can be? That's all God asks of us. We are not supposed to compare ourselves to our friends - only to what WE are capable of being. During your time away from school, whether you are at services or not, take some time to think about what one change you can make on a daily basis that will make you more awesome. As for me, I am trying to be more understanding and patient with my own parents. Parents can be so frustrating, can't they? But really, all they want is the best for us. I am trying to remember that, and to be thankful for what they have done for me.

Here is how our schedule will look over the next couple of weeks:

Monday, 9/22 regular schedule: Cumulative Test over units 1-3 vocabulary and root words
Tuesday, 9/23 "A" schedule: Literary Elements, discussion of Out of my Mind
Wednesday, 9/24 "C" schedule: Using Webspiration Classroom, Will's birthday
Other than completing Journal Entry #3 on Edmodo, your only homework is to complete the Parts of Speech project, finish Out of my Mind, and work on the Watsons Essay if you are able.
Rosh Hashanah

Monday, 9/29 regular schedule: Parts of Speech project due, preparation for WRaP Assessment, Andrew's birthday
Tuesday, 9/30 regular schedule: WRaP Assessment part 1, Leora's birthday
Wednesday, 10/1 regular schedule: WRaP Assessment part 1, Adam's (A.J.) birthday
Thursday, 10/2 regular schedule: WRaP Assessment part 2
Friday, 10/3 "C" schedule: Noon Dismissal - Kol Nidre
PREPOSITION RE-TEST DURING STUDY HALL and 10/6 DURING STUDY HALL for those students who scored below 75%
You must attend a tutorial before re-taking this assessment.
Yom Kippur
Homework for Week of 9/29:
Due Day 2: E.G. pp. 293 - 295, Unit 4 2 sections vocab, roots cards
Due Day 3: E.G. pp. 296 - 298
Due Day 4: Unit 4 2 sections

Enjoy this overview of the first of the Literary Elements. Characterization will be up soon!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Thursday, September 11, 2014

NEWSFLASH! Spread the word and tell your friends.

I am postponing the due date for the Watsons essay for ALL BLOCKS. I do NOT want you to work on this on Shabbat, and I want you to enjoy your weekend. Tomorrow, Friday, we will focus on the preposition review and an overview of diagramming. Monday will be the preposition test. Any time you have after the preposition test should be used for working on the essay. Then, when we return from Charleston you will take the cumulative vocabulary and roots test, and we'll discuss Out of my Mind. I will introduce literary elements as well. We will get back to the essay the week of the 29th. Writing is a process that takes time. Trying to rush through it won't help you or me. Please put your notes in a safe place.


Friday, September 5, 2014

Week of 9/8

This week you will complete the Watsons essay, learn an effective strategy for proofreading, complete the unit on prepositions, and begin learning about elements of literature (you're going to love this!). Keep in mind that the Unit 3 test will include units 1 and 2 vocabulary words and root words in addition to the current set of words and roots. Please review a few words EVERY DAY.

Please also keep up with the pacing chart for Out of my Mind. If you have finished the book, don't give away the ending!!

Day 1: Getting our technology information organized, completing and publishing websites on Weebly
Welcome to Webspiration!

Day 2: P.O.P.3 Proofreading
Get as close to completing your Watsons essay as possible
Return Unit 2 V&R test

Day 3: Grammar - compound phrases, preposition review
Literary Elements

Day 4: Preposition Review
Finalize Watsons essay


DUE DAY 2: E.G. 290-291 (apostrophes), roots cards
DUE DAY 3: Two sections of Unit 3 vocabulary
Write a sentence using any words that you missed on the previous two tests.
DUE DAY 4: Two more sections of Unit 3 vocabulary

REVIEW E.G. for Preposition Test on 9/15
REVIEW Units 1&2 vocab and roots for cumulative test on 9/22