Sunday, December 6, 2015

Chag sameach Chanukah!

This week your Mystery Box is due, we complete Unit 6 words and begin reviewing for midterm assessments. On Friday I will distribute your next book. It is an incredible story that touches on all aspects of life.

REMINDER: Monday is a dress down day for girls only, who won Penny Wars.

Day 1: Unit 6 test, distribution of midterms study planning guideline, work on your box.
Day 2: Mechanics pre-assessment moved from before Thanksgiving break. This does not count towards your LA grades. When you have finished, work on your Mystery Box which is due at the end of the day.
Day 3: Rotations - writing process, Vocab&Roots, Easy Grammar pages 22, 30, 53, Podcast if you are done with all three rotations and still have time.
Day 4: Distribute Peak, introduction to urban climbing, tagging. Socrative review quiz.

If you will be out on Friday, here are the resources I will be using:
Alain Robert ( a REAL urban climber) Click Here
What is tagging? Is it art? Click here for Banksy IMPORTANT NOTE: Some images on this site may not be appropriate for all students. Please view this with a parent (or me).


-If you did not score well on your Unit 4 & Unit 5 sentences, feel free to try again. Any revisions are due by Friday.
-Journal #7 is due 12/11 (Friday) see Google Classroom for instructions on the Folded Story.
- Begin studying for midterms.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Mystery Box

All students may have until Tuesday (including Tuesday's class) to finish the Mystery Box. Students who turn in the box tomorrow earn a Bonus Point for their outstanding effort, planning, and focus.

Monday, November 30, 2015

About those chemicals...

I am enjoying reading your comments about the chemical reactions video. Many of you are wanting to know why the scientists don't tell you what is in the reactions.

Well, actually, they do!

You will study this with Ms. Hegarty in 8th grade, but a quick version to help you understand is that the letters and numbers on the video ARE chemicals. In science, there are abbreviations for the little pieces that make up our world. You might remember, for example, that water is H2O. H = hydrogen, O = oxygen. So, two hydrogens plus one oxygen make a water molecule. In the video, there are long strings of molecules that together equal a chemical. When chemicals get mixed together, they react. You are seeing the reactions.

The first one, metal displacement, shows an equation of Zn + 2AgNO3. Zn = Zinc, Ag = Silver, NO = Nitrate.
Pretty neat, huh? As you have probably figured out, I asked you to watch the video to make you think and question. I won't be answering all the questions. I just want YOU to wonder about the world you are in!

Sunday, November 29, 2015


Please scroll down to last week's post to see what we are doing in class this week. Remember that you have a journal entry assignment due Monday by 4 pm. Additionally, if you have vocabulary sentences to write from the Unit 4 & Unit 5 tests, those are due tomorrow, but I will accept them on Day 2 without penalty.

Spirit Week and Shadow Days begin tomorrow. Wondering what to wear? That information is in last week's post, in an email sent to your parents, and on the grade-level calendar. Wear red tomorrow (Go DAWGS! Sorry, Seth.)

Monday, November 23, 2015

Murder Files at home

If you would like to access Murder Files at home, keep in mind that the free version does not allow you to complete the entire game. We have purchased the game for the iPads at school; you are not required to purchase it at home.

Google Chrome:


Many of you asked for the video we saw in class today. Here it is in all its fabulous creepiness!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Happy Turkey Day!

We continue working on the Mystery Box project, Murder Files on the iPads (the sound problem has been fixed), and progress in Easy Grammar with the verb unit. You should also begin learning Unit 6 vocabulary words and roots and will have a new journal assignment due 11/30, then another one due 12/11.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be writing down your assignments in your agenda/calendar/journal as we have a lot happening in school. It is difficult to remember everything.


11/23: Foreshadowing, Giver Test corrections, Murder Files/Mystery Box
11/24 "A" schedule, Spirit Wear - anything with Davis on it, boys and girls, Mechanics pre-assessment (this will not be a grade)

If you missed any questions on the Unit 4 and 5 V&R tests, I want you to write sentences using those words/roots correctly. You will get both tests back on Monday. This will be due Day 2 of next week.
Continue learning Unit 6 vocabulary words and roots. Test will be 12/7.
New Journal Entry. See Google Classroom for the assignment, due 11/30.
Keep reading your Mystery novel and working on the information for your box if you need more time than we have in class.


11/30: Studying diction, "i" words pp. 54-56 in Easy Grammar, work on Mystery Box Project or Murder Files (your choice)
DAY 2: Continue with diction pp.59-61 in Easy Grammar, work on Mystery Box Project or Murder Files (your choice)
Vocabulary and roots correction sentences due in class today.
DAY 3: Diction, irregular verbs and one-word/two-word pairs, work on Mystery Box Project or Murder Files (your choice)
DAY 4 "B" Schedule: Receive Midterm Study Guide, diagramming practice

Continue learning and practicing Unit 6 vocabulary words and roots. Test will be 12/7.
Journal Entry about Chemical reactions due on MONDAY by 4pm. NEXT journal entry due 12/11 on
Aim for completing your novel by 12/4. IF you need additional time because you have chosen a longer book, that's fine. PLEASE TELL ME!
Work on your Mystery Box project at home as needed. Unless you have made arrangements with me, the box is due at the end of the day on 12/4.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

It's an enigma to me!

UPDATE: Here is a link to some unsolved mysteries for those who are interested in that topic for your box project: Unsolved Mysteries

Murder mysteries are literary puzzles. The author gives the reader clues along the way to help identify who did what. In this unit, we look closely at clues and foreshadowing. You will not be writing an essay for this unit; rather you will be creating a box that explains elements of the book and a topic you will research.

You should be annotating (using sticky notes) for characterization, setting, clues and motif.

Continue learning Unit 5 words and roots as the vocab test is on Wednesday. This week we have a regular Monday, then two "A" days.

Monday: ALL trimester work is due by the end of the day. CHECK NETCLASSROOM FOR MISSING ASSIGNMENTS!!
I will explain the upcoming project, most of which will be completed in class, if you use your time effectively.
Student survey
Murder Files (No, I won't tell you what this is before class.)

Tuesday: Research your box topic.
Murder Files

Wednesday: Unit 5 vocabulary and roots test

Thursday/Friday: Parent Conferences and auditions (Break a leg, thespians!)

Homework: Think about and decide how you will cover/decorate your box.
STUDY vocabulary and root words for Unit 5. Remember, you have several resources other than Quizlet!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week of 11/9

I hope you enjoyed our day at the Alliance Theatre as much as I did! Although the play was the centerpiece of our day, hearing Reverend Durley speak was the highlight of mine. Mrs. Frank and I share "some branches of the family tree." She told a little bit about her uncle's store to which African Americans came to buy suits. She was talking about my "Cousin Joe I." I will look in my family photos to see if I can find a picture of him or of his store. In that day and age, it was unusual for African Americans to be allowed to shop where white people shopped. But our grandparents knew the meaning of B'tzelem Elohim.

This week, we finish our study of The Giver. Your next book will be in the mystery/suspense genre. You will choose from a list (look under "Important Links" for the link to the document on Google). I have some copies in the classroom, Mr. Williamson has some in the media center, but we don't have enough copies for everyone, so please plan on obtaining your own copy if you do not get one from school. I will draw names randomly for our classroom copies.

Day 1: Vocabulary Test, Unit 4 V&R - Socrative or paper.
Day 2: Irregular Verbs (EG 47-53)
Day 3: The Giver Test Open Note/Open Book You will not be permitted to access sites such as Spark Notes or LitCharts during the test. You are permitted to use any of your own notes.
Day 4: Davis Film Festival


Make sure you have completed the Literary Analysis packet to the best of your ability. Check with another student to see if you can share information, especially if you are not in the same block.

Check Google Classroom for any corrections you need to make before posting last week's blog comment.

NEW journal entry due Friday at 4pm. The assignment is now up on Google Classroom.

Begin learning Unit 5 vocabulary and root words. Test will be next week.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Week of November 2 - 6

We have had a challenging time with our schedule. As a result, I have moved The Giver Test (over literary elements/analysis) to November 11 and 12. Your Tellus Essay is due online to me and Mrs. Healan by the end of the school day on your day 2. BLOCK 5 ONLY has until Thursday (their day 3).

Monday, November 2: Work on your Tellus Essay in class

Day 2: Work on your Tellus Essay in class, when completed, work on Literary Analysis packet
The answers to the Unit 4 vocabulary workbook exercises will be available for you to check in class.

Day 3: Mechanics pre-assessment (this will not count as a grade), we will work on the Literary Analysis packet together, clarify any vocabulary or root words as needed

Day 4: Field Trip to the Alliance Theatre


Be working on finding the evidence for your Literary Analysis Packet.
Be learning and studying Unit 4 words and roots.
Due by the end of Friday (remember we will be out of the building): response to a student blog on - FIRST GO TO Google Classroom to read the assignment.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Geode information and WEEBLY problems

Weebly knows about their issue. They are working on it. I was able to get on long enough this morning to read all your reflection pieces. Grades have been posted on NetClassroom.

Students who have selected geodes may have difficulty using EBSCO to find documentation. Here are a few teacher-approved sites you may use. Be sure to document where you have obtained your information as you will be including a bibliography.

Geodes 1

Geodes 2

Geodes 3

For those writing about volcanoes, I came across this: Magma

Friday, October 23, 2015

Week of 10/26

This week we continue with the process of writing the Tellus Expository Essay (remember: EX = OUT --> you are EXposing the facts), continue with literary analysis of The Giver including learning about symbolism, and begin the verb unit in our grammar studies. You should have completed the novel by Tuesday.


Day 1: Independent work on the essay and/or annotation. Decibelles will be out performing a HUGE mitzvah!
Day 2: Verb unit (pp. 35-44), introduction to symbolism, more practice with the T-chart
Day 3: Verb unit continued, descriptive writing, work on essay
Day 4: Citation using EasyBib, work on essay


Day 1: Read The Giver, Continue researching for your essay as needed
Day 2: Begin learning unit 4 vocabulary and root words

Day 3: Due on FRIDAY, 10/30: Make a comment on another class's blog: You must submit to me on Google Classroom FIRST! I will then return it to you so you can copy and paste into a blog.

Day 4: Continue learning the unit 4 words and roots (test 11/9)

For those interested, here is a link to the Flocabulary video about Point of View.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

This week...

I'm sorry this week's post was not visible before today. This week I will introduce the Tellus Essay, the concept of Euphemism, and annotation. Your cumulative test over units 1-3 vocabulary and roots is on Day 3. On Friday we will review point of view and using search portals for the research portion of your essay.

Day 1: Tellus Museum Field Trip
Day 2: Tellus Essay, Euphemism, annotation
Day 3: Cumulative Vocab and Roots Test (work on your reflective journal when you are done)
Day 4: Point of view, finding facts for your essay and citations


Be reading The Giver according to the pacing chart.

Day 1: No homework
Day 2: Review units 1, 2, 3 vocabulary and roots. Work on your reflective journal, post to your Weebly blog page
Day 3: Reflective journal is due 10/22. If you need help with your Weebly, let me know.

If you plan to revise your Compare/Contrast Essay for a higher score, it is due to me by 10/30, along with the rubric.

The Tellus Essay is due November 3 via Google Classroom. Remember, you must turn in pre-writing on 11/3 as well!

Monday, October 12, 2015

FYI Edmodo

For those wanting to join the 6th grade group, here's the code: 2fhync

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Finally, a regular week!

This week we will cover many different topics. The essay is due Monday by 4pm for Blocks 3, 4, 5. It is due Tuesday by 4pm for Block 7. That's because we could not access Google Docs on Friday.
By the way, Block 7, click for Patricia's website.

Because we are back to a block schedule (see my gif below) make sure you are looking at YOUR block days. If you need help with your Weebly, see me before school or during study hall.

Day 1        In blocks 3, 4, 5 we will continue with capitalization in Easy Grammar then review diagramming. You will return Watsons and receive The Giver. I will explain this week's journal writing assignment.

                  Block 7 will have the final in-class essay day, and I will explain the journal assignment.

Day 2        We will have practice with the Unit 1 - 3 vocabulary and root words as you prepare for your first cumulative test next week. The cumulative test is not the same as the unit tests. I will also review characterization (literary element).

Day 3        In Easy Grammar, we'll proceed with Direct Objects as well as diagramming. You will have class time to post your essay to your school blog and work on your reflective journal assignment. If you complete all of this, I will ask you to comment on another class's blog. (You'll learn more about this in class.) This is when Block 7 will catch up on Monday's lesson.

Day 4        This will be an experiential learning day related to our new novel, The Giver. You won't want to miss class today!


Begin reading The Giver. If you have read it before, or if you finish before other students, DO NOT give away the plot. Keep reading the book, even if you find it confusing, which you will. We will talk about why this is the case.

Study the vocabulary words and roots from Units 1-3. There is a review section in the Sadlier-Oxford book; you can use; you can use Quizlet and make your own games; you can use the Sadlier-Oxford online site.

I have moved the due date for the Journal Assignment to allow you time to complete your Social Studies Current Event. Journal Assignment (on Google Classroom) now due next Wednesday.

For those wondering, it will take me about a week or so to grade all essays. After that, you will have the opportunity to edit and turn in a second draft to raise your score. If you receive 75% or below, you are REQUIRED to edit and resubmit. If you scored 76% or above, editing is optional, but highly encouraged!
Note: Here is a link to instructions for adding a photo to your blog.

Here is the link to your photos from Mr. Weismark's sukkah building activity:

What Mrs. Stein thinks about being on a block schedule again:


Friday, October 9, 2015

When tech doesn't cooperate...

Well, Block 7 had an adventure today. Here's why. CLICK HERE

This also means that, until Google fixes the problems with Docs, NO ONE will be able to complete any work on the essay. The only thing we can do about this is to enjoy the opportunity to do something else. What can you do?

  • Draw!
  • Play jacks
  • Read (anything at all!)
  • Surprise your mom/dad/grandma and clean your room and bathroom.
  • Learn something new.
  • Play with a deck of cards. (One of my favorite non-tech pastimes is making card houses.)
  • Make a card for a grandparent and send or deliver it.
  • Explore Wonderopolis
  • Put on some music and DANCE!
  • Put a trash can at least 5' from your bed and see how many 'baskets' you can make in a row.
  • Find an empty shoe box in your house and create a new game that uses the box.
  • Practice a musical instrument 
  • Make a Zentangle
  • Watch a video on how to draw letters graffiti style, then try it! Click here
  • and anything else your clever brain comes up with!
I would love to know how you spend that "pebble time." Shabbat Shalom

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Carpool Room Antics

Special thanks to Datya and Sophia, and to Matthew, of course, for letting me play Matthew Jenga.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Submitting your essay

I have so many eager beavers out there! I am extremely excited about reading your essays. You are working hard to do a great job on these. I know you are learning a lot about using evidence and providing an interesting sequence of thoughts. Several of you have asked how to submit your essay. You will not be "Sharing" with me on Google Docs. We are using Google Classroom. Please watch this video that explains how to submit the essay. I do not know if you can submit it more than once. So, I would recommend NOT submitting until you are completely done with this first essay. We'll find out together whether I have to create a second assignment for you to submit revisions.

Keep in mind that I have not yet discussed the concluding paragraph. I will be doing that on Thursday. On Wednesday, I will review the introductory paragraph one more time and will explain how to put the page numbers for evidence in your essay.

Thinking of our friends in Charleston

This is the radar view of the rain you are either sleeping through or waiting to pass so you can go back to sleep. I am in the latter category. Anyway, as I saw that the coastal region of South Carolina is under several weather watches, I thought about how fortunate we were to be there before this hit. The area we were in - the marsh, the fun park, the shopping district, is under severe flood watches. My thoughts are with our friends Joyce, Riley, Terry, Anna (my kayak guide) and all those who live in and around Charleston. Here in Atlanta, we have hills for most of the rainwater to run down and away from homes and streets. Now think about Charleston which was flat and right on the ocean. This much water has nowhere to go. It can't sink into the ground as quickly as it is falling.

I hope the Citadel freshmen (the knobs) don't get sick walking through all the water. I wonder if they are allowed to walk on the sidewalk in this weather. I hope the marine life in the marsh isn't negatively impacted by so much freshwater. Remember, the marsh is a mix of salt water and fresh water. At high tide today, I bet the creek we were on will be significantly higher. I'm wondering how many hurricanes the Angel Oak has lived through.

Anyway, a little prayer for those folks and their homes can't hurt. Isn't it interesting how personal connections change the way we think about life? If I had never been to Charleston to meet these people and see these places, I wouldn't be thinking about them. How about you?

It appears the Winnie-the-Pooh's evil twin cousin has made his way to Charleston's beaches. Remember how I said rip tides are dangerous? Read this weather warning for Charleston from today:

Friday, September 25, 2015

Next prepared!

Although we have a partial week, we continue with important classroom happenings.

Wednesday, September 30 "A" schedule: Vocabulary and Roots Unit 3 test, Socrative or paper.
Thursday, October 1 "A" schedule: Preposition test, including diagramming
Friday, October 2 "B" schedule following Simchat Torah Celebration: Work on your Watsons Essay in class

You must complete reading Watsons by Friday. On Wednesday and Thursday, you may work on your essay when your test is completed.
Use your Prepositions Unity Study Guide to review the main concepts to know for the test. Watching the diagramming videos will help you refresh your memory. Don't hesitate to come before school if you have any specific questions you need answered.

***NOTE ABOUT WRITEABOUT = I want to apologize that on your latest journal entries I had wanted to use the voice record feature again for my comments. Unfortunately, I have a rotten cold, and am coughing and sneezing. This would definitely NOT make for a pleasant experience for you to listen to, so my comments are written.

Updated code for the 6th grade Edmodo group: 2fhync

Prepositions from SchoolHouse Rock

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Grand Master Chess Player Josh Waitzkin

For all of you who were present on our 1/2 day Erev Yom Kippur, I learned that Josh, the real boy who is the subject of the movie, has written a book and has a website. Here's a link to his site:
Josh's site .  I plan to read his book; I am interested to get HIS perspective on the events of the movie. The movie was a screenplay of a book that Josh's father wrote. I hope you all had a meaningful day. Mine was filled with reflection.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

By popular request...Edmodo Group

Students, last year I moderated (was in charge of) a grade-wide Edmodo group that students used to help each other stay on top of issues and assignments. Here are some examples of how the group was used:

  • to share what was missed in class when a student was out sick
  • to share Quizlet links/codes for vocab/roots units
  • to ask me questions outside of class time (even about other subjects!)
  • to have some fun, safe, casual on-line interactions such as sharing links, ideas for being successful in school, comments about sporting events (GO DAWGS! BOO TECH! I promise to have good sportsmanship.)
  • and more...
So, by popular demand, I have created a group that EVERYONE in 6th grade is welcome to join and contribute to. Please know that I, Mr. Frank, and Mr. Rothstein will keep an eye on this group. Be polite, be kind, be encouraging.

Here is the group code: syvkyq

I believe everyone should be familiar with Edmodo as your math teachers use it. See you on Edmodo!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

L'shana tova u'metukah!

     We are in the midst of the Yamim Noraim. Trying to balance life as an American Jew is no easy task. We continue with school while simultaneously staying focused on these days of teshuvah, tefillah, and tzedakah. Use your planner/agenda/organizer to stay on top of your assignments in all classes. Your teachers will help you with daily schedules. Remember to BREATHE! (Enjoy apples dipped in delicious honey.) 

     In Language Arts this week we continue in our Easy Grammar unit, begin Unit 3 vocabulary and root words, embark on our first formal essay, and delve into the capitalization unit (yes there is one). Next week we will talk about literary elements in Watsons, enjoy special programming on 9/22, and will learn about a program called Webspiration Classroom. I will introduce "Bonus Points" - a variety of ways to boost your scores by using your brain!

9/16 "A" schedule: Grammar - prepositions continued, adverb or preposition?, object of the preposition, compounds
9/17 "A" schedule: Introduction to formal writing - first essay instructions, using Google Docs, annotation
9/18: Rules of capitalization 
9/21: Watsons lesson/reading dialect, literary elements, empathy, trauma and tragedy
9/22: Special programming, noon dismissal
9/24 "B" schedule: Webspiration Classroom
9/25: Review Sadlier-Oxford answers, prepositions review, D.O., diagramming

DUE 9/18: 3 sections of vocab, roots cards
DUE 9/25: WriteAbout post - student choice NOTE - minimum 8 sentences!
DUE 9/25: 3 additional sections of vocab

Long range planning: Watsons MUST be completed no later than 10/2.  Next V&R test is 9/30. Essay will be due 10/9.

Friday, September 4, 2015


I am looking forward to seeing your happy faces EARLY Tuesday morning! Feel free to bring G-rated DVDs, cards, friendship bracelet string, anything you enjoy to pass the time on the bus. I also recommend bringing a water bottle with your name on it and COMFORTABLE walking shoes. I am bringing three pairs of tennis shoes, including my famous neon ones. See you there!!!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Digging into literature!

WEEK OF 8/31

Congratulations on surviving your first vocab test! Keep reviewing the words from Unit 1 as they will appear again on a future cumulative test. Begin learning Unit 2 words and roots. This week's test will be different from last week's. It will be OPEN BOOK, and I will explain in class.

This week we continue in our preposition unit in grammar as well as begin to analyze characters from Watsons go to Birmingham. Keep up with the assigned reading, please. The pacing chart is under important links and is on the wall outside the classroom.

Day 1 - Easy Grammar
Day 2 - Empathy, literary analysis using evidence and charting
Day 3 - Review of Unit 2 vocabulary and root words, Portmanteau words
Day 4 - Unit 2 V&R test (open book)


  • 3 sections of Unit 2 words due DAY 2
  • WriteAbout post due DAY 4 (Friday)
  • 3 additional sections of Unit 2 DAY 3
  • Continue reading Watsons according to the pacing chart 

I am in the process of editing and commenting on your first post. Please be patient as this takes time. Look for a recording on your post. Click the play button (triangle) to hear my comments. The second post is up - you may begin writing any time. It is due by 7pm Friday.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Week of 8/24 - 8/28

This week we encounter the first vocabulary and roots test, begin grammar studies, and begin reading Watsons go to Birmingham. The book will be distributed in class, and we will continue to discuss Wonder as we begin this novel study.

Day 1: Build your Weebly site, discussion about Wonder
Day 2: Vocabulary and roots review of Unit 1, complete your Tagul if not printed, Easy Grammar begin prepositions review
Day 3: Vocabulary and roots test Unit 1, distribute Watsons, E.G. 7-10
Day 4: More on prepositions

Due on your DAY 2: 3 remaining sections of vocabulary
Study for the Unit 1 test.
Begin reading Watsons go to Birmingham. You will receive a pacing chart. You may also listen to the audio version WHILE YOU READ but not instead of reading.

Last year, Sammy made a trailer about Wonder. Take a look! Nice work, Sammy.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Friday, August 14, 2015


Hey there sixth graders! I'm so glad you are here. This will be a phenomenal year for you! This week in L.A. (that's Language Arts, not Los Angeles) we'll discuss the idea of communication, begin tackling vocabulary, start "unpacking" the summer reading and write the first journal entry.

Homework in this class will typically be vocabulary and roots learning, novel reading, and occasional work in the grammar book. Use this blog to stay on top of everything related to Language Arts.

Monday (Day 1) : Communication
Tues./Wed (Day 2) : Vocab and roots Unit 1, logons, school email
Wed./Thurs. (Day 3) : Tagul, Unit 1 vocabulary
Fri. (Day 4) : Easy Grammar prepositions review, WriteAbout journal entry

Due Friday in class: Unit 1 Vocab 3 sections, roots cards, signed syllabus, complete the Google Form: CLICK HERE

Sunday, August 9, 2015


Hey sixth graders! Our first day is almost here! It is going to be a fantastic year. Help me get to know you by taking this survey: CLICK HERE

Wondering where to go on your first day at the middle school? Don't worry - you'll get a call from a teacher later next week to answer your questions.

See you soon!!!

P.S. If you are a seventh grader checking in for old times's sake, I hope you had a fabulous summer. Upstairs lockers! Oh yeah!!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I can't wait to get to know you all! The first day of school will be here before you know it. To alleviate the confusion about the summer reading book, Wonder  , please know that you are not required to read the Julian chapter. If you have ordered that version of the book, reading the additional chapter is optional. We will have a discussion about Julian in class, so if you would like to read this version, please do!

Here is the link to the version without the Julian chapter: Wonder See you all soon!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Please complete this survey.

Help me continue to improve the experience for students in Room 110. Feedback from previous years helped shape the way I taught this year. Thank you!


Monday, May 18, 2015


Due to unexpected circumstances, I will be moving the Poetry Slam to Friday. We will have the review, originally scheduled for Friday, on Thursday. If we need additional time to complete the Poetry Slam, we will do so on Tuesday. Thank you for your understanding.

Friday, May 8, 2015

So much excitement ahead!

REMINDER: Tutorial Tuesday before school for Diagramming practice.

The next two weeks will be filled with activity. You won't want to miss any of it! We continue our unit on figurative language by taking a close look at "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by the one and only William Shakespeare. Additionally, we will complete the pronoun unit by Friday, create more poetry, have one last Edmodo Journal Entry, and have our Poetry Slam.

  • You should be using your Study Guide to review a little bit EVERY night for the final exam. We will be reviewing in class the last week of school, but you will need to be refreshing your memory between now and then.
  • Try to learn at least two lines of your poem each night. Once you have it memorized, practice it completely once each day. Work on posture (stand up straight, shoulders back) and expression in your voice.
Monday, May 11:        Antecedents continued, demonstrative pronouns
                                     Introduction to "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Act 1, Scene 1

HOMEWORK FOR MONDAY NIGHT: Find examples of figurative language in "A Sound of Thunder."

Tuesday and Wednesday, May 12/13: Interrogative and indefinite pronouns
                                       AMND continued

                                     due FRIDAY, May 15

Thursday, May 14:  Complete pronouns, AMND

Friday, May 15: Pronoun Unit Study Guide will be provided in class. There will be no separate Pronoun Unit Test, but the concepts will appear on the Final Exam. Spine Poetry, 5-word story

I will distribute "The Monkey's Paw" on Friday, to be read over the weekend. We will discuss in class on Monday.

Monday, May 18: Pronoun Review, "The Monkey's Paw", AMND if time permits


Tuesday, May 19: "B" Schedule - math assessments in the morning
                               Black Out poetry

Wednesday, May 20: Field Day at the Lower School. 

Thursday, May 21: Poetry Slam! Finals review

Friday, May 22: "B" schedule/ Review for finals  Poetry Slam (will be continued Tuesday if needed)

Tuesday, May 26: "A" schedule/ Review for finals

Wednesday, May 27: "A" schedule/ Review for finals

Thursday, May 28: half day/ final exams

Friday, May 29: half day 

Friday, May 1, 2015

"It's May! It's May! The lusty month of May..."

The title of the post is a line from a song written for Queen Guinevere from the musical "Camelot," which is alluded to in A Wrinkle in Time.

We will continue our unit on pronouns and begin our study of figurative language and creative writing. You will be turning in two copies of your Biome Project. One of the copies will be a written expression grade in language arts. I will be grading ONLY on grammar, usage, mechanics, and spelling. PROOFREAD, PROOFREAD, PROOFREAD! Use the link Mrs. Healan gave you for assistance with dialogue.

TUTORIAL for symbolism/allusion/foreshadowing will be on Monday morning before school (7:25). Edits to your WYRM/AWIT test will be due NO LATER THAN Friday, May 8.

Day 1: types of figurative language, receive study guide for finals
Day 2: pronouns pp. 232-234, 236, Visual Poetry
Day 3: pronouns pp. 237-240, qualities of myths/legends
Day 4: we will read aloud a short story and identify the figurative language used

Homework: Continue reading the myths. Complete four by May 6.
                    Edmodo Journal #13 due May 6
                    Begin reviewing units 10 -12, (including Peak) words and roots for final

NOTE: I will return tests and essays as I complete them. This will take some time. Please be patient.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Earthquake strikes Nepal

It is with great sadness that I share with you the news of a powerful earthquake that has struck Kathmandu. As was the case of the natural disaster in Haiti several years ago, many of those impacted by the earthquake had so little to begin with. India's government is assisting the people of Nepal in rescue operations.

This is in Kathmandu.

Additionally, as you might imagine, this is also the beginning of climbing season on Everest. It appears that the earthquake has caused avalanches:

This is an excerpt of a story from Reuters, an international news association.  By, GOPAL SHARMA AND ROSS ADKIN
...An Indian army mountaineering team found 18 bodies on Mount Everest, where an avalanche unleashed by the earthquake swept through the base camp, where more than 1,000 climbers had gathered at the start of the climbing season.
Choti Sherpa, who works at the Everest Summiteers Association, was unable to call her family and colleagues on the mountain. "Everyone is trying to contact each other, but we can't," she said. "We are all very worried."
A second tourism official, Mohan Krishna Sapkota, said it was "hard to even assess what the death toll and the extent of damage" around Everest could be.
"The trekkers are scattered all around the base camp and some had even trekked further up. It is almost impossible to get in touch with anyone."

Some of you may have seen that I hung our prayer flags on the field yesterday. I'd like to think that the positive energy you put into them will be carried on the wind across the miles to those who need it most. Refuah shlemiah.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Week of 4/27

As we turn the corner to May, we complete our novel studies and move to short stories, poetry and creative writing. We will begin the last grammar unit covering pronouns. Our last vocabulary unit will consist of figurative language terms. This week you have two assessments and your final draft of the Persuasive Essay due. Plan your time carefully. Extra time in class following a test may be used for any outstanding work you need to complete in language arts. If all work is completed, you will begin reading Greek Myths.

Monday: BizTown

Tuesday/Wednesday: Adverb Unit Test (this will include concepts covered in all previous units)

Thursday: Vocabulary and Roots Test Unit 12
                  We will begin the Pronoun Unit when the test is finished.

Friday: "B" Day begins at the Lower School for Kabbalat Shabbat as we wish the 8th graders n'siah tovah!

This week's "homework" is to use your time to make final edits to your essay and to STUDY!!!
Turn in TWO printed copies of your essay to me on Friday. Use your rubric!
You will have an Edmodo post due next week.

Friday, April 17, 2015

CTP IV week

This week we tackle standardized testing and have fun, too! Monday through Thursday will be a "B" schedule. On Thursday after testing we will celebrate Yom HaAtzmaut. This is a fun day filled with Israeli-related activities. On Friday we will have a regular schedule.

PLEASE: Get a good night's sleep each day and eat a healthy breakfast. You may bring a book to read if you have time in your testing room. You may use a simple calculator for Math part 2. Mr. Heyen will be the testing administrator for my (our) advisory. I will be with the eighth graders.

Monday: Adverb Unit Review. You will receive the Study Guide for this unit's test, which will be on April 28/29.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Discussion of A Wrinkle in Time and When You Reach Me. We will cover allusion, foreshadowing, and flashback. We'll also talk about the discussion questions you completed in class, and will play the $10,000 Pyramid Game!

Thursday: Celebration of Yom Ha Atzmaut

Friday: Test on When You Reach Me/A Wrinkle in Time  You will not need to cite evidence for this test, but it will be open note, open book as always.

As you look forward to summer, there are several camps available for you and your parents to explore: SUMMER CAMPS

In honor of the $10,000 Pyramid Game, enjoy this comic! Be sure to look at the category name to understand the punch line.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Down the home stretch!

The title of this post refers to the last section of a race, in which the competitors (human, equine, canine, or other) are heading for the area of the track that indicates the end. We aren't yet to the end of the school year, but I can feel its approach. We still have some wonderful and exciting units to cover, so stay with me!

This week you will complete the Persuasive Essay (due Friday by the end of class) as well as the Adverb Unit. I will be out of school on Tuesday and Thursday, but you will be in the capable hands of Mrs. Klein on Tuesday and Mrs. Solmson on Thursday. Both are able to assist you with your editing.  Continue reading When You Reach Me and begin learning the Unit 12 vocabulary and root words. I hope you all enjoyed your break!

Day 1: Introductory Paragraph for the essay (funnel style with broad statement)
***NOTE: I have updated the Guideline Document accessible via the blog. It is titled Persuasive Essay Structure.***

            Adverb Unit pp. 187, 189, 191, 193 (ODDS only)
Day 2: In EG, pp. 195, 196, 198, 200, 201, 202, 205 ODDS are due FRIDAY (Day 4)
            Work on your essay, using your rubric as a guide.
Day 3: Work on your essay, using your rubric as a guide. EG pages due tomorrow.
Day 4: Double negatives, essay due at the end of class.

HOMEWORK: Read When You Reach Me, work on Unit 12 words (a few each day), EG pages listed above.

Note: The Adverb Unit test will be cumulative (including all grammar concepts learned thus far) and will be on 4/28 or 4/29 depending on your block. The Unit 12 vocab test will be on 4/30. There will not be a separate cumulative test on units 10-13. The cumulative assessment for those units will be included on the final exam.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Almost spring break!

This week we move ahead to the unit on adverbs in our Easy Grammar book.

HOMEWORK THIS WEEK: Complete through page 186 in EG. by Thursday. On each page, complete at least four items. Be sure to leave the book with me on Thursday or it will be considered late!

We will discuss A Wrinkle in Time on Monday, then watch the movie on Days 2 and 3. We'll focus on whether the visual interpretation matches what we, as readers, see in our own mind's eye. Additionally, you will receive the next novel, When You Reach Me, on Day 2. This novel alludes to A Wrinkle in Time, and is a perfect follow-up, although there are more books in the W-I-T series: Time Quintet

Plan on reading When You Reach Me while on Spring Break.  The pacing chart is available via the important links to the right. You should have completed reading of this book by 4/23.

Have fun at your year in Jerusalem!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The week ahead...

This week you will be assessed on your understanding of adjectives and vocabulary/roots unit 11.  I provided you with a Unit Study Guide on Thursday in class. Look carefully at page 153, especially, to see if you are finding all words that are identified as adjectives. By Friday, complete your reading of A Wrinkle in Time. If you have NOT completed your Prayer Flag, please do so sometime this week. They will be hung on the field soon!

Mon./Day 1: Review of Adjectives Unit, diagramming adjectives, clarification of confusing words/roots from Unit 11
Tues. & Wed./Day 2: Adjectives Test, when completed, work on Persuasive Essay body paragraphs
Thurs./Day 3: Vocabulary/Roots Unit 11 Test
Fri./Day 4: Fragments, run-ons, splices - common errors in writing

Study for the two assessments.
Due on Friday - A Wrinkle in Time, Easy Grammar pages 219 - 222.
Due Monday 3/30 - Journal Entry #12 Please give this one significant thought before submitting.

Enjoy all the fabulous resources I posted about quantum mechanics!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Want more mind-blowing science?

Several of you asked me for the links to the video I showed in class and to the TED talk mentioned. Your excitement about this is exactly why I choose to be a teacher. Even if you don't understand everything, understanding a little bit may lead you to learning more, and more, and more.... Additionally, you wanted "PROOF!" that the time travel experiments are real. You are wise to question the validity of these assumptions. Here are more documents for you to enjoy.

Time Travel Simulation Brief and here is the information I mentioned, which Eric and Jordan Liban explained to their blocks.

Both the general and special relativity theories have been proven with GPS satellite technology that has very accurate timepieces on board. The effects of gravity, as well as the satellites' increased speed above the Earth relative to observers on the ground, makethe unadjusted clocks gain 38 microseconds a day. (Engineers make calibrations to account for the difference.)
In a sense, this effect, called time dilation, means astronauts are time travelers, as they return to Earth very, very slightly younger than their identical twins that remain on the planet.

Here is the link to the full article where I copied the above information: Time Dilation

The original experiment write-up  This one is too technical until you get farther along in understanding the science and math, but I included it to show you it really does exist.

More about being in two places at once

Brian Cox (Physicist at Hadron Collider, CERN, Switzerland)

More about the 12 Particles and 4 Forces:

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week of 3/16 Break a leg, thespians!

This week we continue with both the Persuasive Essay and our unit on adjectives. Friday will be a powerful and poignant trip to Whitwell, TN. The Fusion classes will wow us on Thursday evening with the Spring Concert.

Day 1: Persuasive Essay/instruction on parenthetical citation, continue work on research/begin writing body paragraphs

Day 2: Spend part of your class time working on the essay, and part of your class time working on Easy Grammar through page 163. I will be available to answer any questions.

Day 3: Lesson on the realities of time travel, review of degrees of adjectives (comparative and superlative). EG pages through 163 are due today.

Day 4: Field Trip


Easy Grammar through p. 163 due by Thursday.
Begin learning Unit 11 vocabulary and roots.
Continue reading A Wrinkle in Time

NOTES: Adjective Unit test will be 3/24 or 3/25 depending on your block. We will review adjectives on 3/23. Unit 11 vocabulary and roots test will be 3/26. There will be no out-of school option for this test going forward.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Socrative -- fix thyself!!!

To all you hard-working people trying to complete the V&R 10 test on Socrative tonight, something is definitely wrong with the site. I will see what the situation is in the morning, and will have paper copies for everyone in class if the site is still not working.

Some of you were able to complete the test successfully tonight before the craziness began. I'll have a list on the board tomorrow of who does not need to take the test. Sorry about this - there is truly nothing I can do to fix it. Thank you all for being flexible about a situation that is out of our control.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Another short week

For all you thespians, Tech Week has arrived. Muster all the patience you can for this arduous process. In class we will be pushing the "play" button on our essay process. Remember I said I would be introducing the essay, then pushing "PAUSE" for the puppet show.

Purim was an astounding success, as I knew it would be. You all were totally focused on the process and the product. You made adorable puppets, which are waiting for you to claim them in the classroom. The students at the Lower School were mesmerized! Kol haKavod to each and every one of you. Thank you for demonstrating kehillah, ruach, kavod and FUN!

See my Twitter feed for photographs of the shows and the days leading up to and including Friday.


Monday is a regular schedule. Tuesday and Wednesday are "A" schedule days.
You may take your Vocabulary & Roots Unit 10 test on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (no later than 5pm on Wednesday) via Socrative. Same class code: 7901110.

On Monday I will provide information about how your essay should be structured, as well as suggest tips for keeping track of your research using Google Slides.

On Tuesday I will explain parenthetical annotation and how to use EasyBib as a Chrome add-on.

On all three days, use your remaining class time to work on researching and pre-writing. You may use Webspiration, Google, hand-writing, or any other program you choose for your pre-writing. No matter which method you choose, you  MUST turn in your pre-writing with your final essay.
I don't have a due date yet. I will know the due date next week.

Homework: Complete pp. 150-157 in Easy Grammar by Wednesday, and be reading A Wrinkle in Time.  The pacing chart is under Important Links.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Week of 3/2 - PURIM!!!

The merriment begins. This week we prepare for the puppet shows you will present to the Lower School students. Each block will present to one of the grade levels. I don't yet know which Block will be assigned to which grade. We have a lot of ground to cover in a short amount of time, but I am confident that you will all do a fantastic job making puppets, learning to manipulate them, and learning about how to help the "Wee People" at the Lower School make their own puppets. Everyone will have a puppet to take home with them. The proverbial icing on the cake is that you will be taught by a master puppeteer - Marilyn Price. I am looking forward to a fabulous week of fun and learning.

We will decide together how to approach the Unit 10 words and roots in terms of assessment. We have some choices here, and I want to permit flexibility. Many of you received A Wrinkle in Time on Friday morning.  If you did not, please come get it from me before school begins on Monday morning. Alternatively, you may access an online PDF of the book by clicking on the title under "Important Links." The pacing chart is also available in the links list.

Have a great weekend; see you on Monday!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Week of 2/23

I truly enjoyed observing the simulations of our World Congress which demonstrated how conflict occurs. Whether the conflict occurs between two individuals or entire nations, the motivations for human behavior can always be traced back to our basic needs as human beings. I hope you will reflect on how you acted "in character" and think about how your treatment of your peers changed when you were motivated to acquire something their country had that you lacked.

This week we wrap up our study of the novel, work on a persuasive essay, and begin preparing to present a puppet show at the Lower School on Purim. I am uncertain yet when the Unit 10 vocabulary test will be, but I do know it will not be this week.

Day 1: Review for Peak Test, Easy Grammar adjectives pp. 142-149
Day 2: Peak Test in class - OPEN NOTE, OPEN BOOK
Day 3: How to research and structure your persuasive essay, intro to Purim Shpiels
Day 4: "C" Day Film Festival


Continue learning the Unit 10 words and roots. Do NOT rely solely on Quizlet. Use your vocabulary book!
Homework for Day 2 and Day 3: Spend 20 to 30 minutes reading and researching your chosen topic. Record notes and sources in Google Slides. I will explain how to do this on Day 3 and will post a screencast at that time.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Week of 2/17


Tuesday will be a B day and Wednesday and Thursday will be an A day.

Hope you enjoyed the long weekend! I was busy preparing my Purim costume (No, I won't reveal it until Purim.) as well as many other projects around my house, including getting ready for the fabulous lesson you will encounter this week. It is a light homework week, as Wednesday is a "No Homework Night." Yippee! Friday is an all-school Kabbalat Shabbat at the Lower School as the fun of Adar begins. The rest of the day will be a "B" schedule.

Tuesday/Wednesday: Lesson on conflict
Thursday: Peak review, information on persuasive essay
Friday: work on persuasive essay research in class

Begin learning S-O Unit 10 words, as well as Unit 10 roots from green/blue packet.
Due 2/23: Easy Grammar 142, 143, 145 - even numbered sentences only

NOTE: Peak Test (short answer, open note/open book) will be 2/24 or 2/25 in class. Unit 10 vocab and roots test will be online again, date to be determined.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Peak Vocab Test

Want to take the Peak vocab test at home? No dictionaries, please. Reviewing the test, then studying the words is not academically honest. Once you are on Socrative, take the test.
Follow this link: Socrative
On the site, log in and use 7901110 as the Room code. Good luck!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Short Week(s)!

This week you will be planning your time to accommodate the Noun Unit Test, the Peak Vocabulary Test, addressing your business letter envelopes, and completing an art project related to Peak.

Monday: Noun Unit Review Day
Day 2 (Tues./Wed.) and Day 3 (Thurs.): Noun Test/Peak Vocab Test/Peak project/address envelope

The Noun Test is on paper; the vocabulary test is on Socrative.

I am happy to help you plan your time if you need assistance. Additionally, if you are intending to complete the recovery for the Cumulative Vocabulary Test, plan for that as well to occur by the end of Thursday. You may take it home if you wish, but may not use a dictionary. If all of this is competed, you will begin research for the next essay.

You will receive a study guide for the noun unit in class on Friday (today). Enjoy the mid-winter break!!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Vocab Practice

Follow this link for some exercises to help with studying the Peak vocabulary. VOCAB

Friday, January 30, 2015

Week of 2/2

This week will be divided between all-class instructional time and independent working time. We will continue in the noun unit, finalize the business letters (and print), learn about plot structure. I will introduce new information about expository writing on Friday. Your vocabulary this week is from the novel. There are no new root words, as several of the Peak words contain roots you have already learned. The repetition will help you understand how to use these roots to decipher new words.

For those who prefer long-range planning, I anticipate the Noun Unit Test AND the Peak Vocab Test (which will be online via Socrative) to occur the week of 2/9.

IMPORTANT!!!! Remember that all recovery work is due by Friday! 

Monday, Feb. 2 (Day 1) : Group instruction on plot structure, independent working time for business letters, completing the poem from Friday, working on vocabulary, and the Weebly Blog Post.

Tuesday/Wednesday Feb. 3/4 (Day 2): Independent working time, Guided instruction for those who need review from the verb unit.

  • E.G. PAGES - 117-119 items #10-15 each page 
  • 121-126 items #7-10 each page
  • 128, 129 Optional

Thursday, Feb. 5 (Day 3) : Group instruction on Indirect Objects, Turn in Peak vocabulary homework

Friday, Feb. 6 (Day 4) : Group instruction - Persuasive/Argumentative Essay Introduction


Due on Thursday:  Peak vocabulary (definitions and parts of speech HANDWRITTEN)
Due on Friday:       Business Letters following second revision edits completed
                                Easy Grammar pages
                                Weebly Blog Post

POST UPDATE: Here is the Folded Story, which has been edited. Enjoy! Click HERE.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Business and Thank you letters

Students, if you cannot see my comments, click on "COMMENTS" in the upper right portion of the screen. After you correct any requested errors/modifications, you can click "resolved."

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Courtesy Little Shop of Stories in Decatur
"Tuesday, February 3rd @ 7 p.m.: Sharon Draper has been both an educator — for which she was honored as National Teacher of the Year — and an author. Her books have spent considerable time as New York Times bestsellers and have received numerous awards, including five Coretta Scott King Literary Awards. Her many great books include Tears of a Tiger, Copper Sun, Out of My Mind, and Panic. Her newest book is Stella by Starlight, set in 1930s North Carolina. The titular heroine must deal with the Klan’s local resurgence and its impact on her close-knit African American community. As in all her books, Sharon displays her terrific storytelling skills.
P.S. Sharon served as the chair of the 2014 National Book Award committee in the Young People's Literature category. Dave had the honor of working under Sharon on that panel and is thrilled to have her visit Little Shop for the first time."

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Friday, January 23, 2015

Week of 1/26-1/30

It is time once again to hear your suggestions for journal topics. Follow this link: Journals I will have the Folded Story for you when Ms. Brelloch's class is finished adding their folds.

We have a REGULAR schedule this week as we continue reading Peak, move forward in the noun unit, and make connections between types of mountains. Scroll down for homework.

Monday 1/ 26 (Day 1) We will have a guidance lesson during Language Arts that is related to how we communicate with one another.

Tuesday/Wednesday 1/27, 1/28 (Day 2) NOUNS!

Thursday 1/29 (Day 3) Cumulative Test on V&R Units 7, 8, 9
Friday 1/30 (Day 4) What do Dr. King, Peak and Mt. Sinai have in common?


  • Be studying for Thursday's test on vocabulary and roots.
  • Complete any final edits to your letters BY Thursday, end of day, including modification of margins which I will explain in class on Day 2,.
  • All recovery assignments are due NO LATER THAN Feb. 6. Check notes on your NetClassroom assignments to see if you have recovery available. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Legacy of Dr. King

We take a day to acknowledge the power of a great leader. I hope you have a different perspective on the purpose for this holiday, after having experienced the Red Card/Blue Card lesson earlier this year. We will connect Dr. King to Peak next Monday. You will see the links to the various sites I shared with you are now located on the right side of the blog.

This week you will demonstrate your understanding of the verb unit. Blocks 4, 5 take the test on Tuesday, while 6, 7 take it on Wednesday. When you complete the test in class, use any remaining time to revise your business letters based on my feedback on Google docs.

On Thursday, if you scored below a 75% on the Punctuation/Capitalization test, you are required to participate in a review lesson which will then permit you to take a recovery assessment. If you scored above 75% but need additional clarification on specific rules, I am happy to provide that guidance on Thursday as well. Finally, please use Noredink on Edmodo (it is an app - see image below), as well as IXL (I will provide username/PW info in class), and the Punctuation Practice link I added at the top of the blog to help you with pesky rules of mechanics. I have not yet found a way to make mechanics "easier" to learn. These small symbols have important meaning in the way we communicate. Learn to use them correctly.

On Friday, we begin the Noun unit and review the types of conflict.

Edmodo Journal Entry #10 (The folded story) is due by Friday. This story has taken so many twists and turns; it is fascinating! It will be fun for you to read when it is done.
Make sure you are reviewing units 7-8-9 for the cumulative test which will occur next week, no later than Thursday 1/29. Second draft of your business letters will be due Friday evening before Shabbat.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Yet another way to waste your precious time learning. From my favorite educator:

Many students wanted to watch the short video again. Here you go! Click the link.

Because of the heavy workload you have, I am moving the letters deadline to Sunday. If you have already submitted your letters, great! I have already begun reviewing them. (NOTE: have begun, not have began)

Also, school has been a bit wacky all the way around this week. I went to see if we are under a full moon, but we are not.

HOORAY! The sun has returned. Is there a blessing for seeing the sun? There should be!
For my advisory students, here is the video we did not get to watch:
Oliver Percovich

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week of 1/12

This week we will review diagramming subject complements, the verb unit and complete the Mystery Box Project. I am looking forward to seeing the finished products! I will also want you to take photos of your box using either our school cameras or the classroom computers then load those photos onto your Weebly. You will also need to take the Unit 9 Test of vocabulary and roots by the end of Tuesday. Remember, you can access the test online or use the paper copy. We will discuss foreshadowing on Day 3, and I will introduce and distribute Peak on Day 4. Finally, I will provide instructions for writing two business letters, both of which will be turned in on Google Docs.

DAY 1: Group instruction - Diagramming subject complements (predicate nominatives/adjectives)
Independent working time

DAY 2: Group instructions - Writing a business letter
Independent working time

DAY 3: Distribution of study guide and review of verb unit in preparation for test
Group instruction - Foreshadowing
Independent working time

DAY 4: Group instruction - Introduction to Peak by Roland Smith
Mystery Box Due
Individual instruction for any verb unit questions


Edmodo Journal #9 due by the end of the day 1/12
Complete Unit 9 V&R test by the end of the day (7 pm) 1/13 if you are BLKS 4, 5 and 1/14 if you are BLKS 6, 7
Complete first draft of business letters (two letters) by 1/16 on Google Docs
Begin reviewing the verb unit, paying careful attention to any items missed in E.G. (test will be 1/20 and 1/21)
Begin reviewing Units 7-8-9 for Cumulative Test that will be due by 1/23

Monday, January 5, 2015

Welcome back! Week of 1/5/2015

It was so nice to see you and hear the happy sounds of friends getting caught up after winter break! This week we will have mostly independent working time. I will have a lesson on subject-verb agreement, and we will spend a little bit of time reviewing how to diagram subject complements. Please see the information that follows to help you plan your time in class and at home.

Mystery Box Project
You have received your instructions. Materials for decorating will be available in class beginning day 2. Feel free to bring in materials from home or to take your box and work on it at home if you prefer. I don't have an official due date yet, but am hoping for your day 2 of next week. If we need to extend the time to allow you to do an exceptional job, we'll figure that out together.

I hope to cover foreshadowing (literary element) by the end of the week, but we'll see! It may get pushed to next week.

Begin learning vocabulary and roots from Unit 9. I will answer any V&R related questions in class on day 3 of this week (1/8). You may take the test at your convenience - at home or at school, NO LATER THAN 1/14. We'll talk in class about the most effective way to access the test. Remember, honesty is key!

Journal Entry #9
This is posted on Edmodo. Due Monday 1/13 by the end of the day.

Easy Grammar
We proceed to subject-verb agreement. Work on pages 76-81, 5 per page and 82 - 87 all. 76-87 due Tuesday 1/13.

That's it for now! Enjoy working on the box project. Most students have a great time with this one! I can't wait to see what you decide to learn - I am hoping you teach me something new.