Friday, August 28, 2015

Digging into literature!

WEEK OF 8/31

Congratulations on surviving your first vocab test! Keep reviewing the words from Unit 1 as they will appear again on a future cumulative test. Begin learning Unit 2 words and roots. This week's test will be different from last week's. It will be OPEN BOOK, and I will explain in class.

This week we continue in our preposition unit in grammar as well as begin to analyze characters from Watsons go to Birmingham. Keep up with the assigned reading, please. The pacing chart is under important links and is on the wall outside the classroom.

Day 1 - Easy Grammar
Day 2 - Empathy, literary analysis using evidence and charting
Day 3 - Review of Unit 2 vocabulary and root words, Portmanteau words
Day 4 - Unit 2 V&R test (open book)


  • 3 sections of Unit 2 words due DAY 2
  • WriteAbout post due DAY 4 (Friday)
  • 3 additional sections of Unit 2 DAY 3
  • Continue reading Watsons according to the pacing chart 

I am in the process of editing and commenting on your first post. Please be patient as this takes time. Look for a recording on your post. Click the play button (triangle) to hear my comments. The second post is up - you may begin writing any time. It is due by 7pm Friday.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Week of 8/24 - 8/28

This week we encounter the first vocabulary and roots test, begin grammar studies, and begin reading Watsons go to Birmingham. The book will be distributed in class, and we will continue to discuss Wonder as we begin this novel study.

Day 1: Build your Weebly site, discussion about Wonder
Day 2: Vocabulary and roots review of Unit 1, complete your Tagul if not printed, Easy Grammar begin prepositions review
Day 3: Vocabulary and roots test Unit 1, distribute Watsons, E.G. 7-10
Day 4: More on prepositions

Due on your DAY 2: 3 remaining sections of vocabulary
Study for the Unit 1 test.
Begin reading Watsons go to Birmingham. You will receive a pacing chart. You may also listen to the audio version WHILE YOU READ but not instead of reading.

Last year, Sammy made a trailer about Wonder. Take a look! Nice work, Sammy.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Friday, August 14, 2015


Hey there sixth graders! I'm so glad you are here. This will be a phenomenal year for you! This week in L.A. (that's Language Arts, not Los Angeles) we'll discuss the idea of communication, begin tackling vocabulary, start "unpacking" the summer reading and write the first journal entry.

Homework in this class will typically be vocabulary and roots learning, novel reading, and occasional work in the grammar book. Use this blog to stay on top of everything related to Language Arts.

Monday (Day 1) : Communication
Tues./Wed (Day 2) : Vocab and roots Unit 1, logons, school email
Wed./Thurs. (Day 3) : Tagul, Unit 1 vocabulary
Fri. (Day 4) : Easy Grammar prepositions review, WriteAbout journal entry

Due Friday in class: Unit 1 Vocab 3 sections, roots cards, signed syllabus, complete the Google Form: CLICK HERE

Sunday, August 9, 2015


Hey sixth graders! Our first day is almost here! It is going to be a fantastic year. Help me get to know you by taking this survey: CLICK HERE

Wondering where to go on your first day at the middle school? Don't worry - you'll get a call from a teacher later next week to answer your questions.

See you soon!!!

P.S. If you are a seventh grader checking in for old times's sake, I hope you had a fabulous summer. Upstairs lockers! Oh yeah!!!!