Monday, November 30, 2015

About those chemicals...

I am enjoying reading your comments about the chemical reactions video. Many of you are wanting to know why the scientists don't tell you what is in the reactions.

Well, actually, they do!

You will study this with Ms. Hegarty in 8th grade, but a quick version to help you understand is that the letters and numbers on the video ARE chemicals. In science, there are abbreviations for the little pieces that make up our world. You might remember, for example, that water is H2O. H = hydrogen, O = oxygen. So, two hydrogens plus one oxygen make a water molecule. In the video, there are long strings of molecules that together equal a chemical. When chemicals get mixed together, they react. You are seeing the reactions.

The first one, metal displacement, shows an equation of Zn + 2AgNO3. Zn = Zinc, Ag = Silver, NO = Nitrate.
Pretty neat, huh? As you have probably figured out, I asked you to watch the video to make you think and question. I won't be answering all the questions. I just want YOU to wonder about the world you are in!

Sunday, November 29, 2015


Please scroll down to last week's post to see what we are doing in class this week. Remember that you have a journal entry assignment due Monday by 4 pm. Additionally, if you have vocabulary sentences to write from the Unit 4 & Unit 5 tests, those are due tomorrow, but I will accept them on Day 2 without penalty.

Spirit Week and Shadow Days begin tomorrow. Wondering what to wear? That information is in last week's post, in an email sent to your parents, and on the grade-level calendar. Wear red tomorrow (Go DAWGS! Sorry, Seth.)

Monday, November 23, 2015

Murder Files at home

If you would like to access Murder Files at home, keep in mind that the free version does not allow you to complete the entire game. We have purchased the game for the iPads at school; you are not required to purchase it at home.

Google Chrome:


Many of you asked for the video we saw in class today. Here it is in all its fabulous creepiness!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Happy Turkey Day!

We continue working on the Mystery Box project, Murder Files on the iPads (the sound problem has been fixed), and progress in Easy Grammar with the verb unit. You should also begin learning Unit 6 vocabulary words and roots and will have a new journal assignment due 11/30, then another one due 12/11.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be writing down your assignments in your agenda/calendar/journal as we have a lot happening in school. It is difficult to remember everything.


11/23: Foreshadowing, Giver Test corrections, Murder Files/Mystery Box
11/24 "A" schedule, Spirit Wear - anything with Davis on it, boys and girls, Mechanics pre-assessment (this will not be a grade)

If you missed any questions on the Unit 4 and 5 V&R tests, I want you to write sentences using those words/roots correctly. You will get both tests back on Monday. This will be due Day 2 of next week.
Continue learning Unit 6 vocabulary words and roots. Test will be 12/7.
New Journal Entry. See Google Classroom for the assignment, due 11/30.
Keep reading your Mystery novel and working on the information for your box if you need more time than we have in class.


11/30: Studying diction, "i" words pp. 54-56 in Easy Grammar, work on Mystery Box Project or Murder Files (your choice)
DAY 2: Continue with diction pp.59-61 in Easy Grammar, work on Mystery Box Project or Murder Files (your choice)
Vocabulary and roots correction sentences due in class today.
DAY 3: Diction, irregular verbs and one-word/two-word pairs, work on Mystery Box Project or Murder Files (your choice)
DAY 4 "B" Schedule: Receive Midterm Study Guide, diagramming practice

Continue learning and practicing Unit 6 vocabulary words and roots. Test will be 12/7.
Journal Entry about Chemical reactions due on MONDAY by 4pm. NEXT journal entry due 12/11 on
Aim for completing your novel by 12/4. IF you need additional time because you have chosen a longer book, that's fine. PLEASE TELL ME!
Work on your Mystery Box project at home as needed. Unless you have made arrangements with me, the box is due at the end of the day on 12/4.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

It's an enigma to me!

UPDATE: Here is a link to some unsolved mysteries for those who are interested in that topic for your box project: Unsolved Mysteries

Murder mysteries are literary puzzles. The author gives the reader clues along the way to help identify who did what. In this unit, we look closely at clues and foreshadowing. You will not be writing an essay for this unit; rather you will be creating a box that explains elements of the book and a topic you will research.

You should be annotating (using sticky notes) for characterization, setting, clues and motif.

Continue learning Unit 5 words and roots as the vocab test is on Wednesday. This week we have a regular Monday, then two "A" days.

Monday: ALL trimester work is due by the end of the day. CHECK NETCLASSROOM FOR MISSING ASSIGNMENTS!!
I will explain the upcoming project, most of which will be completed in class, if you use your time effectively.
Student survey
Murder Files (No, I won't tell you what this is before class.)

Tuesday: Research your box topic.
Murder Files

Wednesday: Unit 5 vocabulary and roots test

Thursday/Friday: Parent Conferences and auditions (Break a leg, thespians!)

Homework: Think about and decide how you will cover/decorate your box.
STUDY vocabulary and root words for Unit 5. Remember, you have several resources other than Quizlet!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week of 11/9

I hope you enjoyed our day at the Alliance Theatre as much as I did! Although the play was the centerpiece of our day, hearing Reverend Durley speak was the highlight of mine. Mrs. Frank and I share "some branches of the family tree." She told a little bit about her uncle's store to which African Americans came to buy suits. She was talking about my "Cousin Joe I." I will look in my family photos to see if I can find a picture of him or of his store. In that day and age, it was unusual for African Americans to be allowed to shop where white people shopped. But our grandparents knew the meaning of B'tzelem Elohim.

This week, we finish our study of The Giver. Your next book will be in the mystery/suspense genre. You will choose from a list (look under "Important Links" for the link to the document on Google). I have some copies in the classroom, Mr. Williamson has some in the media center, but we don't have enough copies for everyone, so please plan on obtaining your own copy if you do not get one from school. I will draw names randomly for our classroom copies.

Day 1: Vocabulary Test, Unit 4 V&R - Socrative or paper.
Day 2: Irregular Verbs (EG 47-53)
Day 3: The Giver Test Open Note/Open Book You will not be permitted to access sites such as Spark Notes or LitCharts during the test. You are permitted to use any of your own notes.
Day 4: Davis Film Festival


Make sure you have completed the Literary Analysis packet to the best of your ability. Check with another student to see if you can share information, especially if you are not in the same block.

Check Google Classroom for any corrections you need to make before posting last week's blog comment.

NEW journal entry due Friday at 4pm. The assignment is now up on Google Classroom.

Begin learning Unit 5 vocabulary and root words. Test will be next week.