Friday, July 8, 2016

Hey 6th Graders! Ready to rock?

Week of 8-15-2016
As some of you already know, the information below appeared on this blog back in July. Three students completed the form BEFORE school began. Two of them will be rewarded for completing it as requested. The third did not include a name, reward. Sorry!

Monday "Day 1": Syllabus, activity - value of clear communication, Membean
Tues./Wed. "Day 2": Logon sheet, Wonder characters, word cloud, BRING YOUR BOOK
Wed./Thurs. "Day 3": Critical and creative thinking skills
Fri. "Day 4": Character description/t-chart, distribute Watsons

HOMEWORK: Membean 3x week for 15 minutes each time (week ends Sunday night)
Return signed syllabus page by Friday
Bring Wonder on day 2

I hope you are having a FABULOUS summer! Don't forget to read Wonder. Think about how you would describe the main characters from this novel, and think about how to prove your description using evidence from the text. We will be discussing this topic the first week of school. Can't wait to get to know you!! One more thing...please take a moment to complete the survey below. It is confidential - no one but me will see the responses, so please be honest. This insures that I am able to do my best to make your year "Wonder"-ful!