Wednesday, May 30, 2018

One last review

Here is the series of grammar questions from our review the other day:

Pronoun review from earlier this year:

Saturday, May 19, 2018

A time of transition

I am impressed with those of you who are using your time wisely to prepare for the cumulative final and the written assessment. This week will include review of the many concepts that will be covered on the assessments. Have questions? ASK!

Monday: Grammar Diagnostic. Contrary to rumors I have heard, this test DOES NOT count as a grade in language arts, nor does it impact "placement" for next year's language arts classes. This grammar test is different from the one you took for math. It is the same test you took at the end of fifth grade and will take again at the end of seventh. It helps us see if the way we are teaching grammar from one year to the next is effective.

Day 2 and Day 3: The entire class period on both days will be devoted to review. As usual, I have a few tricks up my sleeve (that's an idiom) to make the review fun but educational.

Day 4: FIELD DAY! Sunscreen! Hats! Bug spray! Water! If there is rain and the Field Day activities are postponed, this will be DAY 1 of the written final assessment (literary elements in your choice novel).

SCHEDULE CONTINUED BELOW THE SYMBALOO. Click on the Symbaloo Mix for a variety of review sources. IMPORTANT NOTE: some of these require Flash Player, which we do not have on our school computers.

Week of May 28

No school on Monday, Memorial Day.

May 29 "A" schedule: Written assessment day 1 (or Field Day if May 25 is postponed)
May 30 "A" schedule: Written assessment day 2
May 31 Math and Language Arts Exams - Noon Dismissal, Locker Clean Out
June 1 Spirit Day (begin at LS), Yearbook Signing, Noon Dismissal

Have a fantastic summer! I have loved getting to know you all. You are a special bunch.


Saturday, May 12, 2018

Verses on the Green

Here is the link to all of the videos. I do not want to hear that anyone made negative comments. Any inappropriate remarks will be immediately referred for disciplinary action. SUPPORT one another. This was a nerve-wracking and difficult exercise for most students. EMPATHY, EMPATHY, EMPATHY.

Unfortunately, my iPad cut off in the middle of Jack Rifkin's presentation, so his video is not here.

Verses on the Green


Monday: Roots Test (last one!)
Day 2: Spine Poetry
Day 3: Blackout Poetry
Friday: Membean Test (last one!)

For homework this week, be working on filling in your Chart of Literary Elements specific to the choice novel you read.

Be following the study guide for the cumulative final exam on May 31.
After today, you can cross roots and Membean study off your to-do list! Yippee!!