Sunday, January 21, 2018

Week of January 22

Congratulations to Aidan and Logan, who placed in the Tech Fair on Sunday! If any other 6th grade students won, please let me know so I may add your name to the list! FYI, from my Digital Studio class for 7th graders, two students won first place in their categories and will now compete at the state level!


We continue with verbs and the study of Peak. You will have an OPEN NOTE, OPEN BOOK test over the novel this week (day 3) and on Friday I will explain your next writing assignment. There will be no journal entry this week, as I want you to organize your notes for the Peak Test. I will explain in class.

Monday: Sources and types of conflict, how conflict relates to literature
Day 2: Class review of the Peak packet from last week, verb packet (linking/action verbs, subject complements)
Day 3: Short answer test over Peak. Open note, open book.
Day 4: Introduction to persuasive essay about Mount Everest, researching an opinion

Homework: Be studying vocabulary on Membean, learning root words unit 6 (next test week of 1/29), organize your notes for the Peak Test.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Winter Break/Take 2

I hope you are staying warm! I will be altering my plans for class this week and next. Most important for you to know: the cumulative Membean test will be tomorrow. This week. Friday. Really. I will collect all midterm and newspaper article revisions tomorrow as well.

You have plenty of time between yesterday and today to complete your journal entry that is due tomorrow by 5pm.

We will go over the Peak packet on Monday. I am moving the discussion on conflict to day 2 next week. You should be reading a book of your choice.

Observant students will see that I uploaded the notes from the lesson on verbs; click the tab above to see them.

See you tomorrow (I hope!) and stay warm and dry.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Paying our respects...

Have you heard of the expression "paying your respects"? We think of "paying" as related to money. As you study history, you will learn that money didn't always exist. What we use to make transactions can vary in different situations. So, we can use our respect to pay as a form of honor to another individual. That's what Monday is all about. We have a nationally recognized holiday honoring the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who was such a powerful force in our nation's history. What makes him even more worthy of our respect is that he did not CHOOSE to be a leader. He was asked to give a speech, and then another, and another, and was placed in a position of leadership because people listened to him. The famous part of his "March on Washington" speech that talks about mountains was never planned. He was speaking from the heart, and people responded. Take the time to listen to the entire speech. You will be paying your respects by honoring Dr. King's wishes when you treat everyone EQUALLY.


No class on Monday.

Day 2: Verbs and plot structure
Day 3: Membean cumulative vocabulary test, take photos of your Mystery Box, review Peak packet
Day 4: What is conflict? What causes conflict?

HOMEWORK: Complete revisions to your midterm DUE 1/16 (INCLUDING Block 2)
Be practicing Membean
Finish Peak, then choose another book to read. If you choose a picture book, you will be analyzing the THEME.
Revisions of your written midterm and/or newspaper article are due 1/18 (INCLUDING Block 3)
New journal entry (creative writing!) due Friday, 5 pm.