Sunday, February 18, 2018

Post-Presidents' Day

Are you able to explain why the apostrophe is placed after the "s" rather than before it in Presidents'? If not, review your notes from the plural nouns page in your grammar section of the LA notebook.

This week brings vocab and roots tests, a new novel unit, and the last in-class days for completing your essay. The "official" due date for your FINAL DRAFT will be Monday, February 26. Over the next few days, I will be making comments on everyone's rough drafts. I encourage you to:
- have a peer read it; if they need to ask questions for clarification, you need to write more
- go through the rubric, one item at a time, to make sure you have everything
- check, then double check your parenthetical citations, Works Cited page, G.U.M.S.

One student found that he accidentally used a source that was identified as invalid on the shared chart. I'm so glad he caught this BEFORE he turned it in! Yes, he had to go find the information in another source.

Finally, for those of you who had difficulty with the Verbs Test, the tutorial for subject complements is WEDNESDAY morning, 7:25. There will be a recovery assessment coming soon.

No Day 1 this week.
Day 2: Vocab Test, Roots Test, finish thank-you note and envelope, receive new novel (if we don't have time, we will do this at the beginning of Day 3)
Day 3: Essay
Day 4: Last in-class day for work on the essay

One of my favorite parts of pre-spring in Georgia is watching the eaglets grow and fledge the nest. This is a live camera feed from Berry College (where Ms. Garrison went to college). SCROLL DOWN FOR A "FAMILY PHOTO"

Friday, February 9, 2018

Short weeks coming up!

Next week and the week after, we will have short weeks to accommodate our mid-winter break. Below are links for practice and study on verbs. The test is MONDAY. There is no due date on the essay yet as we continue to work on it in class.

Day 1: Verb Unit Test, complete organizing your binder, work on your thank you note.
Day 2: Essay - compose your body paragraphs from your prewriting, choosing the logical order, "Transition Words" handout and lesson
Day 3: Continue working on the essay. Lesson on introductory and concluding paragraphs.


Your book talk is due on 2/15. The instructions are on Google Classroom.
Membean - 45 minutes by 2/19. Next test 2/20 2/21 - your day 2.
Roots Unit 7 - Test 2/20 2/21 - your day 2.


Irregular Verbs Game
Irregular Verb Wheel (not the game)
Types of Verbs Battleship
Grammar Blast
Use IXL: Sixth Grade Language Arts, D.3, D.6, D.7, D.8, D.10, D.13, H.1, H.2
More irregular verb practice. This site has six of these.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Essay/Verbs Continued

We continue our unit on verbs this week. The grammar unit test will be February 12. You will receive a study guide for this unit on Monday. We continue working on the persuasive essay. You are still in the pre-writing phase, finding facts that support your thesis.

Day 1: We will be writing thank you notes to the people you interviewed for the newspaper article. Yes, there is a right and wrong way to write a thank you note. You will also be writing back to your foreign pen pal.

Day 2: We complete our study of verbs today. We will review both sets of worksheets. I will explain the assignment related to your choice novel.

Day 3: Work on your essay. By the end of the class period, you should have all your facts.

Day 4: Review of verb unit.

HOMEWORK: Begin studying Unit 7 root words, continue practice with Membean, draft your book talk on Google Classroom.

Do you need extra practice with verbs?

Irregular verb wheel

Use IXL: Sixth Grade Language Arts, D.3, D.6, D.7, D.8, D.10, D.13, H.1, H.2

Grammar Blast