Sunday, March 18, 2018

Feeling the spirit...

The chance to walk on the sacred ground of the people we have been talking about all week will complete our integrated unit of study. Being there rather than seeing pictures makes such a difference!

Monday: Practice identifying parts of speech in a sentence. THIS IS THE LINK TO THE SLIDES FROM CLASS.

Tuesday: FIELD TRIP TO OCMULGEE! We depart the school at 7:15. Be on time!

Wednesday: Review of adjective and adverb unit.

Thursday/Friday: Parent conferences/play rehearsals

Homework: 1)You should have finished reading your novel by now and begun working on your part of the Hero's Journey project on The project is due COMPLETED on poster board, which I have for you, March 29. You WILL have class time next week, but do not wait until the last minute to complete this project.
2)Continue practicing Membean. 45 minutes due March 25.
3)Journal Entry #10 due March 28, 5pm, on Google Classroom.
4)Ms. Garrison will check your Weebly on April 9. Make sure you have 2 artifacts and comments for each class.


Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Big Two Five!

I know you probably wonder why the school is making such a big deal of celebrating 25 years. By continuing to have a reform Jewish day school in Atlanta, we are honoring our ancestors, those who perished in the Holocaust, those who gave their lives in other wars (the Maccabees), those who were murdered in the Spanish Inquisition, anyone who has fought for the right to practice the faith that you and I have been raised in. The Davis Academy is still going strong in a part of the country known for anti-Semitism. We continue to hold the Torah high, point to it and say, "This is the hand of Moses. These are the rules by which we choose to live." In public schools, you may only follow the laws of our country's constitution, which CANNOT be influenced by religion, despite the fact that the pledge includes "under God". But in our school, we live according to the traditions of our religion, AND you receive an education that teaches you how to think, how to learn, how to be the best person you can be. THAT is worth celebrating.

THE NEXT GRAMMAR TEST (adjectives and adverbs) will be on March 28/29 (your Day 3). I will distribute the study guide on Friday.

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3: We continue with our integrated unit, making more connections between Native American and Jewish values. We will meet in the Media Center on these days. Please be prompt.

Day 4: "B" Schedule, beginning with All-school Kabbalat Shabbat at the Lower School. In class, you will take the Membean test and I will check on how your StoryboardThat Hero's Journey projects are going.

Homework: Continue with Membean - 45 minutes by Sunday.
Complete the items in the Adj/Adv packet and check your answers.
Work on finishing your novel so you can create your Hero's Journey panels.
No journal entry this week. (You will have one next week after the field trip.)
Ms. Garrison will check your Weebly on April 9. Make sure you have 2 artifacts and comments for each class.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Week of 3/5

This week, we continue with our unit on adjectives and adverbs, covering comparatives and superlatives, tricky adjectives that depend on whether a word is countable or non-countable, and adverbs that answer "to what extent," which includes negatives. We will also continue looking at the Hero's Journey as it applies to the novel you are reading. I will tell you about the project related to this novel. We will begin our unit of integrated study which will help you see how all subject areas are connected to one another.

Day 1: Comparative/superlative adjectives and adverbs, brief literature circles

Day 2: Adjectives and adverbs with countables/non-countables, to what extent, introduction of Hero's Journey Project

Day 3: Begin integrated unit. Research on your assigned tribes.

Day 4: Roots Test Unit 8 (no Membean Test this week), begin work on novel project

HOMEWORK: Continue studying for Roots Unit 8
Membean 45 minutes by 3/11
Read your novel - aim for completing no later than 3/16.
Work on the preparation for your Hero's Journey project.

Don't forget to update your Weebly pages! I have posted a screencast on Google Classroom that demonstrates how to get your podcast and essay onto your Language Arts page. Ms. Garrison will be checking your Weebly on April 9. You should have at least two artifacts for each class.

The eaglet is maturing! It is beginning to grow feathers.