Thursday, November 9, 2017

Post-Giver Apocalypse

What should one do when one finishes THE BEST BOOK? Shed a few tears because it is over, maybe read the sequel or a companion novel. We move from the dystopian genre (yes, the community is a dystopia) to the mystery and suspense genre. You will see the link for the list of choices at the top of the blog. I cannot provide a pacing chart since the books are differing lengths. Read 12-15 pages a day. Complete your book by December 1st. In this case, you do not need to worry about reading ahead. For this unit, finishing sooner is better! We continue with our pronoun unit in grammar. Need more practice with nouns and pronouns? Use IXL.

Day 1: The Giver Test will be returned. Pronouns - subjective and objective case.
Day 2: Diagramming compounds, implied you, D.O./I.O., pronoun/adjective practice
Day 3: Vocabulary test and roots test (units 1-5), end of trimester survey
Day 4: Foreshadowing, introduction of newspaper article

Homework this week: Continue 45 minutes of Membean.
Study roots!
Choose and acquire your mystery book.
Journal Entry on Google Classroom due Friday afternoon (creative writing prompt).

Friday, November 3, 2017

Literature and pronouns!

We conclude our study of The Giver this week and continue our pronoun unit in grammar. On Friday, we celebrate the visual and performing arts by learning about an artist and experiencing how he integrates all academic areas of study into his work. Friday is a half-day for students (but not for me!). Feel free to bring a snack, but you won't need your backpack.

Day 1: Final discussion on The Giver. Practice for novel test. If we have time, we will write the letters for our bookmark project.
Day 2: Short answer test on the novel (open note/open book/NOT open computer)
Day 3: Pronouns - antecedents, agreement with indefinite pronouns
Day 4: Celebration of the Arts day!

- Make sure your annotations are accurate and complete.
- Membean 45 minutes by Sunday night, study roots units 1,2,3,4 and especially 5.
- Journal entry due Friday. If you completed this in class before Charleston, you do NOT need to do it on Google Classroom.

Saturday, October 28, 2017


Wow! What a fun week we had! Check out the Twitter feed of #davis6 to revisit our fun activities. Additionally, please share this link with your parents if you helped drive the catamaran. This upcoming week is another event-filled series of days, but we will also be busy in the classroom.

MONDAY: The Alliance Theatre comes to Davis. The entire day is devoted to learning related to the play we will see.
Drop-off is at the Lower School. Students do not need to bring their backpacks.
To raise cancer awareness, students may dress in:
Black for skin cancer
Pink for breast cancer
Gold for childhood cancer.

TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY Day 2: Regular block schedule - types of pronouns, indefinite pronouns, you will receive your Tellus Essay

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY Day 3: Discussion of The Giver. Make sure you are caught up on reading. Check the pacing chart.

FRIDAY Day 4: Grandparents/Special Friends Day - we will not have advisory or Kabbalat Shabbat. All classes will meet as normal.
In class, we will check and share annotations to prepare for a test on The Giver next week.


Your revised Tellus Essay (due in LA only) will be due on Friday, 11/3 in class, printed.

HOMEWORK: Continue to study root word units 1,2,3,4,5.
Membean 45 minutes by SUNDAY night.
Read and annotate The Giver.
Revise your Tellus Essay, due Friday in class, printed.