Sunday, December 6, 2015

Chag sameach Chanukah!

This week your Mystery Box is due, we complete Unit 6 words and begin reviewing for midterm assessments. On Friday I will distribute your next book. It is an incredible story that touches on all aspects of life.

REMINDER: Monday is a dress down day for girls only, who won Penny Wars.

Day 1: Unit 6 test, distribution of midterms study planning guideline, work on your box.
Day 2: Mechanics pre-assessment moved from before Thanksgiving break. This does not count towards your LA grades. When you have finished, work on your Mystery Box which is due at the end of the day.
Day 3: Rotations - writing process, Vocab&Roots, Easy Grammar pages 22, 30, 53, Podcast if you are done with all three rotations and still have time.
Day 4: Distribute Peak, introduction to urban climbing, tagging. Socrative review quiz.

If you will be out on Friday, here are the resources I will be using:
Alain Robert ( a REAL urban climber) Click Here
What is tagging? Is it art? Click here for Banksy IMPORTANT NOTE: Some images on this site may not be appropriate for all students. Please view this with a parent (or me).


-If you did not score well on your Unit 4 & Unit 5 sentences, feel free to try again. Any revisions are due by Friday.
-Journal #7 is due 12/11 (Friday) see Google Classroom for instructions on the Folded Story.
- Begin studying for midterms.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Mystery Box

All students may have until Tuesday (including Tuesday's class) to finish the Mystery Box. Students who turn in the box tomorrow earn a Bonus Point for their outstanding effort, planning, and focus.