Friday, January 18, 2019

"Common Ground"

As we observe the remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., which coincides with Tu B'Shevat, I am struck by the beauty of what these two days have in common:

  • strength - for as a tree grows, it gets stronger, able to withstand more powerful storms, and so it was with the Civil Rights Movement
  • courage - trees don't choose where to live. Dr. King was raised in a segregated community. He didn't choose the rules his family was forced to live under. He and his family had the courage to "bloom where they were planted."
  • stability - Trees in groups send out root systems that work together for the entire grove, enabling a tree weakened by disease or insects to receive aid through its roots from other trees. Don't believe me? Read for yourself: TREES 
          The Civil Rights Movement was a stabilizing force in the lives of its many participants of all races and colors. Citizens fought for tzedek - for righteousness for ALL people.
As you enjoy the time off from school, take a moment to acknowledge the sacrifices made for you, and those who are still suffering.

In class we will honor Dr. King and Mt. Everest through poetry and continue with the verb unit and study of conflict.

Day 2: "I am..." poetry
Day 3: Verbs - subject complements (P.A./P.N./D.O.)
Day 4: Causes of conflict (this is not the same as types of conflict)


  1. 30 minutes of Membean by 1/27
  2. Study unit 7 roots
  3. Continue reading and annotating Peak
No writing this week.