Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Week of 9/9 -9/13

This week we are wrapping up our unit on the summer reading, continuing to focus on prepositions, learning to identify different types of writing, and discussing Out of My Mind.The Compare and Contrast essay is due for most students on 9/11. Block 3's essays will be due on the 12th.
Remember: ORGANIZE your sentences into a logical sequence.
PROOFREAD your essay.
ATTACH YOUR RUBRIC when you turn it in!

There are no formatting requirements for this assignment. I will collect your pre-writing sheets when you turn in your paper.

Day 1: Vocabulary and Roots test Unit 2
Day 2: EG/prepositions continued, distribution of the Parts of Speech assignment, discussion of OOMM
Day 3: EG/prepositions continued, types of writing
Day 4: 1/2 day - transfer your symbol to your classroom folders

Day 1: Work on your essay at home, if possible. Continue to read OOMM
Day 2: Unit 3 - vocabulary, 2 sections and roots cards
Day 3: Unit 3 - 2 additional sections of vocabulary, EG pp. 13, 14
Day 4: Study for Unit 3 test on 18/19 (depending on your block)

Want to earn a bonus point? Here's another way: go see "The Butler," currently playing in theaters. Tell me what the movie has to do with The Watsons, and you'll have yourself a bonus point!