Thursday, December 5, 2013

Week of 12/9 - 12/13

Alright, which one of you has secretly invented a time machine? How we got to the week before Midterms is unfathomable to me. (Don't know what "unfathomable" means? Take the roots apart, and look up the word fathom.) We will begin the week by completing the section on irregular verbs. Then, we will tackle the Unit 8 V & R test. Beginning with Day 3, all the way through next Tuesday, we will be reviewing for the Midterm.

PLEASE NOTE: You should have obtained a mystery novel by this point. If you still need suggestions, see the link on the right of the blog ------>

The Midterm will consist of two parts: a written portion, and a comprehensive content portion. You will hear more about this in class. If you have a difficult time with tests in general, you may wish to consider an alternative project which I will also explain in class.

The written portion is required for all students, and will occur in class on 12/18 and 12/19. Again, you will hear more about this next week.

TUTORIAL/STUDY SESSION for the Unit 8 test will be TUESDAY MORNING before school.

Monday 12/9: Irregular verbs
Day 2 Blocks: Vocab & Roots Test Unit 8, Edmodo "Journal" Entry, review root words
Day 3 Blocks: Mystery Novel/literary elements review
Day 4: Review for midterm - mechanics rules (punctuation, capitalization)

On Monday, due Day 2: Review the Study Guide, make a list of questions you have about any of the material that will be covered.
On Day 2, due Day 3: Make sure you have begun reading a mystery novel, review prepositions and adverbs.
On Day 3, due Day 4: Review all literary elements (including conflict)