Friday, May 16, 2014

We did it!

We completed the unit on pronouns, and have finished the grammar curriculum for this year. The remaining regular class days will be spent reviewing in preparation for the final exam, which occurs on 5/29 and is cumulative. Refer to your Study Guide for what will be on the final. Here is a snapshot of our remaining weeks:
5/19 Regular Monday - review for finals
5/20 "B" day - math placement tests in the morning, review for finals
5/21 Lag B'Omer at the Lower School
5/23 "A" Day Adverbs and Pronouns Test
5/24 "B" Day - Unit 15 Vocab and Roots Test
5/26 Memorial Day - No School
5/27 "A" Day - review for finals
5/28 "A" Day - review for finals
5/29 Finals 11:30 Dismissal
5/30 Last Day 11:30 Dismissal

You have no homework other than studying for your grammar test, your V&R Unit 15 test, and completing the Edmodo Post. Several students thought that the Edmodo post said 5/21. It does not. I entered the date correctly on Edmodo as being due 5/20. NetClassroom also says 5/20. It is still due 5/20.

Ethan requested that I post the link to the irregular verbs wheel game. Here you go, Ethan! Irregular Verbs

Friday, May 9, 2014

Week of 5/12

Pronouns! Pronouns! Pronouns! That's our week, as well as finishing the last of the Adverb instruction. Begin studying Unit 15 in vocabulary and roots. Remember that the Final Exam on 5/29 will include units 13, 14, 15. You received your Study Guide on 5/7, and should be referring to it each night. A reminder of upcoming important dates:

Reflective Post due 5/20 (see Edmodo for instructions)
*****NEWSFLASH!!! Ansley shared a fabulous tip: After you write your paragraph, paste it into Google Translate, and select English for your language. Then, click on the speaker icon in the bottom right corner of the word box to have your text read aloud to you! I always recommend to have someone read aloud to you, right? Now you can do this online. Thank you Ansley!!!
Adverbs/Pronouns combined test 5/22
Unit 15 Vocabulary and Roots test on 5/23

Due Day 2: Fragments and Run-ons worksheets, begin learning Unit 15 words and roots
Due Day 3: Complete pages 219-222 in Easy Grammar
Due Day 4: Sentences for Unit 15

That's it! Stay on track with your reviewing and school work, please.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Week of 5/5-5/9

This week we celebrate Yom HaAtzmaut, continue with our study of adverbs, wrap-up our study of "A Midsummer Night's Dream", and complete figurative language. Please be sure to complete reading When You Reach Me by Friday. We move on to Unit 14 in vocabulary and roots as well. Although we have but a few weeks remaining, we will be staying focused on learning. Keep track of your assignments, which you should have been doing all year, as teachers in all of your classes have been careful to balance the various due dates and testing that remain through the end of school.


5/5 Adverbs 186-193, Diagramming, Yom HaZikaron Observance during Tefillah
5/6 Yom HaAtzmaut ALL DAY PROGRAMMING Wear blue bottoms, white tops
5/7 "A" Day "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (watch through Act II and When You Reach Me Discussion, complete MSND worksheet
5/8 "A" Day Easy Grammar Adverbs, Diagramming continued
5/9 MSND Wrap-up, Figurative Language review

Due 5/7 Unit 14 sentences, continue reading When You Reach Me
Due 5/8 Work on Idiom Illustration if not completed, diagramming packet (through p.154)
Due 5/9 Turn in Idiom Illustration, complete reading When You Reach Me

Unit 14 V&R Test on 5/12. No Adverbs Test - this unit test will be combined with pronouns. No cumulative roots test. All three units (13, 14, 15) will be included on the final exam. Reflective Edmodo post (3 paragraphs) will be due 5/20.