Friday, May 16, 2014

We did it!

We completed the unit on pronouns, and have finished the grammar curriculum for this year. The remaining regular class days will be spent reviewing in preparation for the final exam, which occurs on 5/29 and is cumulative. Refer to your Study Guide for what will be on the final. Here is a snapshot of our remaining weeks:
5/19 Regular Monday - review for finals
5/20 "B" day - math placement tests in the morning, review for finals
5/21 Lag B'Omer at the Lower School
5/23 "A" Day Adverbs and Pronouns Test
5/24 "B" Day - Unit 15 Vocab and Roots Test
5/26 Memorial Day - No School
5/27 "A" Day - review for finals
5/28 "A" Day - review for finals
5/29 Finals 11:30 Dismissal
5/30 Last Day 11:30 Dismissal

You have no homework other than studying for your grammar test, your V&R Unit 15 test, and completing the Edmodo Post. Several students thought that the Edmodo post said 5/21. It does not. I entered the date correctly on Edmodo as being due 5/20. NetClassroom also says 5/20. It is still due 5/20.

Ethan requested that I post the link to the irregular verbs wheel game. Here you go, Ethan! Irregular Verbs