Friday, August 15, 2014

Week of 8/18

This week we begin analyzing The Watsons go to Birmingham. Please bring your book to class. We will discuss the writing process as we embark on preparation for the first essay comparing the two main characters in the book. We simultaneously begin reading our first in-class novel, Out of my Mind. I will provide you with a pacing chart for your reading, which will be completed outside of class. We'll also begin our work on grammar and will continue studying for the vocabulary and roots test on Thursday. Finally, we'll build a website that will serve as a digital portfolio for each student for the next three years.

NOTE: TUTORIAL for the vocabulary and roots test will be on TUESDAY, 8/19 beginning at 7:30
(Tutorial cannot occur on Wednesday because I have morning carpool duty.)

You may have noticed that I have not updated the class calendar on the tab above. I am working on creating a grade-wide calendar, rather than just Language Arts, that will record all subjects in one place. Please be patient.

Day 1: Distribution of OOMM and the first project (Parts of Speech), discussion of Watsons
Day 2: The writing process, note-taking and analyzing the Watsons
Day 3: Vocab and roots test Unit 1, ePortfolios
Day 4: Grammar

Due on Day 2: Journal #1, read OOMM, study for V&R
Due on Day 3: Be prepared for vocab and roots test
Due on Day 4: Stay current on your reading of Out of my Mind, create an avatar, attach to our Thinglink (instructions will be provided in class)