Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tell us about Tellus!


This week we enjoy a trip to the Tellus Museum, after which you will compose an expository essay on a topic of interest to you. Tuesday and Wednesday (block day 2) you have the Unit 5 Vocab and Roots test AND I will be returning your Watsons essays and giving you the instructions for the Tellus Essay. We will review types of writing and purpose of writing on block day 3. On Friday, you'll have a brief (two paragraphs) written assessment of Out of my Mind and will turn in your book. You will need your book in class on Friday. I'd like for all slides for the OOMM Slides Project to be completed by Friday. The link is on the right side of the blog. Also take a look at the Weebly tutorial if you can't recall how to update your site.

Next week we begin reading The Giver, will continue in Easy Grammar with the verb unit, and Thursday will be the Unit 6 V&R test. (NOT cumulative)


Monday 10/20: Field trip. Wear teal/navy, bring lunch. If you previously ordered lunch for this day, your lunch will be a bag lunch. You will not be able to buy lunch in the morning.
Tuesday/Wednesday 10/21-10/22: Unit 5 V&R test, return Watsons essay, introduce Tellus essay
Thursday 10/23: Types of writing, purpose of writing
Friday: OOMM short assessment, slides due - you can do this during Study Hall or at home.


Monday 10/20: Complete p. 292 in Easy Grammar (apostrophes) due day 2
Tuesday/Wednesday 10/21-10/22: No homework nights
Thursday 10/23: Review literary elements as they relate to Out of my Mind.