Friday, December 12, 2014

Winter Break is in sight!

We will continue to prepare for the Midterm this week. Your only homework is Journal #8 on Edmodo due Tuesday. You should be using your study guide (handed out in class and available on the side of the blog) to review all the rules we have learned this year. Make sure you know which point of view should be used for each type of writing. Additionally, make sure you remember which pronouns are 1st, 2nd, 3rd person.

You need to have selected a book from the mystery genre list (also on the side of the blog) that you can complete over the break. We will be completing a project based on your book of choice beginning the day we return, so do not wait to read the book.

Day 1: Review for Midterms
Day 2: Review for Midterms and Murder Files, distribution of Bonus Passes
Day 3: Part One of the L.A. Midterm in regular Thursday blocks
Day 4: Part Two of L.A. Midterm (alternative schedule, 1/2 day)