Monday, January 19, 2015

The Legacy of Dr. King

We take a day to acknowledge the power of a great leader. I hope you have a different perspective on the purpose for this holiday, after having experienced the Red Card/Blue Card lesson earlier this year. We will connect Dr. King to Peak next Monday. You will see the links to the various sites I shared with you are now located on the right side of the blog.

This week you will demonstrate your understanding of the verb unit. Blocks 4, 5 take the test on Tuesday, while 6, 7 take it on Wednesday. When you complete the test in class, use any remaining time to revise your business letters based on my feedback on Google docs.

On Thursday, if you scored below a 75% on the Punctuation/Capitalization test, you are required to participate in a review lesson which will then permit you to take a recovery assessment. If you scored above 75% but need additional clarification on specific rules, I am happy to provide that guidance on Thursday as well. Finally, please use Noredink on Edmodo (it is an app - see image below), as well as IXL (I will provide username/PW info in class), and the Punctuation Practice link I added at the top of the blog to help you with pesky rules of mechanics. I have not yet found a way to make mechanics "easier" to learn. These small symbols have important meaning in the way we communicate. Learn to use them correctly.

On Friday, we begin the Noun unit and review the types of conflict.

Edmodo Journal Entry #10 (The folded story) is due by Friday. This story has taken so many twists and turns; it is fascinating! It will be fun for you to read when it is done.
Make sure you are reviewing units 7-8-9 for the cumulative test which will occur next week, no later than Thursday 1/29. Second draft of your business letters will be due Friday evening before Shabbat.