Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week of 1/12

This week we will review diagramming subject complements, the verb unit and complete the Mystery Box Project. I am looking forward to seeing the finished products! I will also want you to take photos of your box using either our school cameras or the classroom computers then load those photos onto your Weebly. You will also need to take the Unit 9 Test of vocabulary and roots by the end of Tuesday. Remember, you can access the test online or use the paper copy. We will discuss foreshadowing on Day 3, and I will introduce and distribute Peak on Day 4. Finally, I will provide instructions for writing two business letters, both of which will be turned in on Google Docs.

DAY 1: Group instruction - Diagramming subject complements (predicate nominatives/adjectives)
Independent working time

DAY 2: Group instructions - Writing a business letter
Independent working time

DAY 3: Distribution of study guide and review of verb unit in preparation for test
Group instruction - Foreshadowing
Independent working time

DAY 4: Group instruction - Introduction to Peak by Roland Smith
Mystery Box Due
Individual instruction for any verb unit questions


Edmodo Journal #9 due by the end of the day 1/12
Complete Unit 9 V&R test by the end of the day (7 pm) 1/13 if you are BLKS 4, 5 and 1/14 if you are BLKS 6, 7
Complete first draft of business letters (two letters) by 1/16 on Google Docs
Begin reviewing the verb unit, paying careful attention to any items missed in E.G. (test will be 1/20 and 1/21)
Begin reviewing Units 7-8-9 for Cumulative Test that will be due by 1/23