Friday, January 30, 2015

Week of 2/2

This week will be divided between all-class instructional time and independent working time. We will continue in the noun unit, finalize the business letters (and print), learn about plot structure. I will introduce new information about expository writing on Friday. Your vocabulary this week is from the novel. There are no new root words, as several of the Peak words contain roots you have already learned. The repetition will help you understand how to use these roots to decipher new words.

For those who prefer long-range planning, I anticipate the Noun Unit Test AND the Peak Vocab Test (which will be online via Socrative) to occur the week of 2/9.

IMPORTANT!!!! Remember that all recovery work is due by Friday! 

Monday, Feb. 2 (Day 1) : Group instruction on plot structure, independent working time for business letters, completing the poem from Friday, working on vocabulary, and the Weebly Blog Post.

Tuesday/Wednesday Feb. 3/4 (Day 2): Independent working time, Guided instruction for those who need review from the verb unit.

  • E.G. PAGES - 117-119 items #10-15 each page 
  • 121-126 items #7-10 each page
  • 128, 129 Optional

Thursday, Feb. 5 (Day 3) : Group instruction on Indirect Objects, Turn in Peak vocabulary homework

Friday, Feb. 6 (Day 4) : Group instruction - Persuasive/Argumentative Essay Introduction


Due on Thursday:  Peak vocabulary (definitions and parts of speech HANDWRITTEN)
Due on Friday:       Business Letters following second revision edits completed
                                Easy Grammar pages
                                Weebly Blog Post

POST UPDATE: Here is the Folded Story, which has been edited. Enjoy! Click HERE.