Friday, February 6, 2015

Short Week(s)!

This week you will be planning your time to accommodate the Noun Unit Test, the Peak Vocabulary Test, addressing your business letter envelopes, and completing an art project related to Peak.

Monday: Noun Unit Review Day
Day 2 (Tues./Wed.) and Day 3 (Thurs.): Noun Test/Peak Vocab Test/Peak project/address envelope

The Noun Test is on paper; the vocabulary test is on Socrative.

I am happy to help you plan your time if you need assistance. Additionally, if you are intending to complete the recovery for the Cumulative Vocabulary Test, plan for that as well to occur by the end of Thursday. You may take it home if you wish, but may not use a dictionary. If all of this is competed, you will begin research for the next essay.

You will receive a study guide for the noun unit in class on Friday (today). Enjoy the mid-winter break!!