Friday, February 20, 2015

Week of 2/23

I truly enjoyed observing the simulations of our World Congress which demonstrated how conflict occurs. Whether the conflict occurs between two individuals or entire nations, the motivations for human behavior can always be traced back to our basic needs as human beings. I hope you will reflect on how you acted "in character" and think about how your treatment of your peers changed when you were motivated to acquire something their country had that you lacked.

This week we wrap up our study of the novel, work on a persuasive essay, and begin preparing to present a puppet show at the Lower School on Purim. I am uncertain yet when the Unit 10 vocabulary test will be, but I do know it will not be this week.

Day 1: Review for Peak Test, Easy Grammar adjectives pp. 142-149
Day 2: Peak Test in class - OPEN NOTE, OPEN BOOK
Day 3: How to research and structure your persuasive essay, intro to Purim Shpiels
Day 4: "C" Day Film Festival


Continue learning the Unit 10 words and roots. Do NOT rely solely on Quizlet. Use your vocabulary book!
Homework for Day 2 and Day 3: Spend 20 to 30 minutes reading and researching your chosen topic. Record notes and sources in Google Slides. I will explain how to do this on Day 3 and will post a screencast at that time.