Monday, November 30, 2015

About those chemicals...

I am enjoying reading your comments about the chemical reactions video. Many of you are wanting to know why the scientists don't tell you what is in the reactions.

Well, actually, they do!

You will study this with Ms. Hegarty in 8th grade, but a quick version to help you understand is that the letters and numbers on the video ARE chemicals. In science, there are abbreviations for the little pieces that make up our world. You might remember, for example, that water is H2O. H = hydrogen, O = oxygen. So, two hydrogens plus one oxygen make a water molecule. In the video, there are long strings of molecules that together equal a chemical. When chemicals get mixed together, they react. You are seeing the reactions.

The first one, metal displacement, shows an equation of Zn + 2AgNO3. Zn = Zinc, Ag = Silver, NO = Nitrate.
Pretty neat, huh? As you have probably figured out, I asked you to watch the video to make you think and question. I won't be answering all the questions. I just want YOU to wonder about the world you are in!