Saturday, January 2, 2016

Welcome back!

I am looking forward to seeing you all and hearing about your adventures over the break! We will be diving right back into literature, writing, and Podcasting. Check the pacing chart for Peak to determine how much you should be reading each day.

Day 1: Both midterm assessments will be returned. We will discuss the cumulative portion and the opportunity for a rewrite for an additional grade on the written portion of the midterms. During class and study hall this week I will be meeting with each of you to answer any questions and offer guidance regarding your midterm results.

Day 2: Introduction to conflict (literary elements), Podcasting for your Weebly portfolio

Day 3: Introduction to the next written assignment - Persuasive Essay, source validation,

Day 4: "B" schedule - Kabbalat Shabbat at Lower School, Independent working time for Podcasting, essay research


You will receive a list of vocabulary words from Peak. By Friday, CHOOSE 20 words from this list of 40, turn in the definition(s) and parts of speech for each word. You will be using the words you have selected in sentences next week.

Continue reading Peak.

Work on a rewrite of your written midterm if you are interested in an additional written expression grade.