Sunday, February 21, 2016

Week of 2/22 - 2/26 UPDATED

We will continue our grammar studies this week, moving on to the noun unit. I will return the verb unit tests most likely on Wednesday, provided all students who were absent have made up the test by that time. Literature discussion groups will meet again this week, and you have a new journal entry on Google Classroom due Friday by 4pm. Please aim for completing your novel NO LATER THAN March 10. If you finish before that time, it is even better since you can have deeper discussions knowing how the book ends.

Day 1: Categories and functions of nouns
Day 2: Functions of a noun (Note: we did not have time for anything else)
Day 3: Grammar continues with plurals, possessive plurals. I hope we will have time in class for journal entries, but cannot guarantee it.
Day 4: Return verb tests, noun or adjective, noun review.

Begin learning Unit 8 vocabulary and root words. VOCAB TEST will be Day 3 next week.
Continue reading your novel.
Journal Entry on Google Classroom due by Friday at 4pm.

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