Thursday, March 17, 2016

Purim is almost here!

As promised, this week in class you have time to work on your comic strip retelling of the novel you read. Also due at the end of the week are your lit discussion questions. Feel free to meet with other students who read your novel at any time during class. If your comic strip is complete, work on Membean or your journal entry (see below). You may also use my iPad to record your podcast and update your Weebly with your essay, comic strip, and link to your math project.

On Friday, feel free to come costumed (appropriately) for Purim! I am! If you are not in costume, wear a uniform, not P.E. clothing.

Journal Entry due FRIDAY, March 25. It is on Google Classroom. If you have a notebook, be sure to turn it in by the end of the day on Friday.
Journal entry - What is the job of the government?
Please think back to our "World Congress" simulation and our speaker, Andy Bauman. You are hearing a great deal about the upcoming presidential election and the issues that the candidates feel strongly about. What do you think is the job of government? I do NOT want you to focus on candidates or their beliefs, but on what a government should provide for its citizens and why. Write a strong, 10-sentence paragraph, including a topic and concluding sentence stating your opinion on this topic. This is a journal entry, not an essay.

- Turn in the answers to your lit discussion questions by 3/25
- Comic strip literary analysis of your novel DUE 3/24
- Journal Entry DUE 3/25
- Membean 45 minutes by Friday. NOTE: An individualized assessment will pop-up on Membean when you sign on after you complete your 45 minutes this week. It will be due 3/28.