Sunday, March 6, 2016

Trimester 3

Yes - it is true...we have completed two trimesters together. This week we complete the noun unit as well as the sci-fi/fantasy novels. I will introduce a new method of learning vocabulary and explain why we are exploring it. On Friday I will tell you about the assessment for the novels (not a test, not an essay) and you will (finally) have classtime for recording your podcast.

Please see Edmodo or ask a friend if you do not know what your user name is for Membean.

Day 1: In class review of the noun unit and will introduce Membean. I will be reviewing predicate nominatives/predicate adjectives one more time before school (7:30). Anyone is welcome to sit in for this tutorial.

Day 2: On Tuesday I will be on a Field Trip with the 7th grade while you take the noun test.

Day 3: Lit circles to complete the evidence on how you know that your book is good vs. evil, as well as answer any remaining questions on the sheet handed out previously. If you are reading Trickster's Choice, you do not need to be finished with the book yet. You can tell from the events that this is good vs evil.

Day 4: Podcast using BossJock, Jr. on the iPads. Then embed onto your Weebly.

I have decided how I will be costumed for Purim but will not tell you! (BWAAAHAAAHAA!!!)