Sunday, November 6, 2016

Election Week is here!

On Tuesday, eligible voters will choose the next leader of our country. In school, we will have a mock election as well. Monday during study hall we will gather in the gym to hear speeches about the candidates. This means that the Decibelles who had planned to take the Pronoun Test (re-take) will have to wait until Tuesday's Study Hall or come in before school. I will meet anyone who wishes to take it before school at 7:15 at the lobby doors.

This week we begin our unit of modifiers - adjectives and adverbs. Additionally, we begin our next genre in literature - mystery/suspense. You should begin reading the novel you have chosen. You do not need to annotate, but you should be looking for main characters, main plot points (I will explain this in class on Day 3), and clues the author provides.

On Friday we have special programming. This is a day you won't want to miss as we travel to the Alliance Theatre to see a special play written for middle school students.


Day 1: Pronoun Test re-take; those not taking the test will be helping with Twitter and preparing for Friday.

Day 2: New pages in our G/W notebook, and I will introduce a big project that will be completed partly in school, partly out of school.

Day 3: Membean Test, Literature Element - foreshadowing, plot points

Day 4: Alliance Theatre


New journal entry due Friday 5pm.
Membean Test on day 3. 45 minutes of Membean due Sunday at midnight.