Sunday, January 29, 2017

Our Ascent Continues...

IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! Please go to Google Classroom and read the post regarding the Slides. I am moving all slides information to a new doc. If your slide is gone, it means I have already moved the information. If your slide didn't have any information yet, there is no entry on the Google Doc for you. SCROLL through the Google Doc to see if your information needs to be updated.

You should complete reading Peak. We will be discussing important points in the last part of the book; if you have not completed it, you will be lost. You will continue to research and identify facts to support your position (your opinion) for your essay as well as help fill and use the conflict chart for Peak.

Day 1: Finish creating your slide on the article you were assigned. Then, find another article on Explora to share with your fellow researchers. Create a slide for that source as well.

Day 2: Membean Test, then activity on sources of conflict. Any remaining time is for essay research and pre-writing.

Day 3: By the end of class, you should have identified your three main reasons that will support your thesis.

Day 4: Identify facts to support your paragraphs. Use an organizer of some kind!

I will no longer be checking Membean, but if you choose not to study the words, you won't fare well on your assessments. The next Membean assessment will be 2/15 or 2/16 (your Day 3)

Journal Entry #12 is up on Google Classroom.