Sunday, March 5, 2017

Native American Connections

This week we explore the interconnectedness of all earthly inhabitants. Block 6 will be combined with Mrs. Cohen's class in the Media Center all week. All other blocks will be in the Mac Lab, unless construction noise forces us to move to the Green Wall Lab again. Continue with Membean and reading your novel. The novels should be finished by the end of the month. Next week we will have our first lit circle meetings.

I will return the essays in class tomorrow. FYI, no one scored 100%, and a few students will want to revise and resubmit no later than Friday for a revised score up to 75%.

Monday - You may finish working on the group tasks from Friday. If your group completes all four tasks, you have the choice to help others or work on your previous Jewish Studies project.

Tuesday - Thursday "A" schedule days. You will have a series of tasks that will compare Judaism and Native American ceremony and ritual. We will read a short story by a Native American author and analyze the elements of literature in the story, and we will talk about how heritage influences a writer.

Friday is our annual Purim celebration. Dress up! Have fun! Any essay revisions are due to me in the morning 3/10.

Monday, March 13 will be our field trip to Ocmulgee National Monument where your teachers have prepared a series of activities that will help you understand the importance of the culture we are examining right in our own backyard.

Tuesday, March 14, we will continue with the integrated unit as we look at poetry from this culture and how similar it is to our own prayers in tefillah.

The eaglets are growing so quickly! This bird of prey is highly valued by Native Americans and protected by the U.S. Government.