Monday, April 17, 2017

Project Week

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your time away from school. This week we dive right back into the Jewish Passport project, which is due on Monday. If your group has not yet been able to print the Hero's Journey comic due to absences on the Friday before Spring Break, that needs to happen Tuesday or Wednesday.

On Friday of this week, there is a grammar test that covers conjunctions, basic comma rules, phrases and clauses. I gave you a study guide the Wednesday before Spring Break. In the last blog post, you can find several links for practicing these concepts.

There will be a review you can complete independently. Anyone needing extra help should ask during class or attend tutorial Wednesday morning at 7:30. You have all of Day 2 and Day 3 to work on the passport or get clarification on grammar.

Next Monday we have a Yom HaShoah observance. On next Tuesday is our interfaith field trip to...
Queen of Angels Catholic School in Roswell. Click here for their website.