Thursday, August 8, 2013

LA Week of 8/12 - 8/19

Your teachers are all so VERY glad you are here! I am ready to spend the year learning, reading, writing, HAVING FUN! This blog will be a fabulous resource for you as the year progresses. Check back often as I am always adding new gadgets and information. On Monday in class I will explain how to read the lessons for the week.

Day 1: How does LA "work" in 6th grade?
ANOTHER syllabus...
What exactly IS language, anyway?

Day 2: The Watsons go to Birmingham
You will be creating a video response to the book. I will hand out the rubric
for this project, and will explain what is required. We'll be using the iPads.

Day 3: Keep working on your video.

Day 4: Your video should be complete by the end of the class period.


Due on Friday, 8/16
1. Signed syllabus (tear-off portion)
2. At least two well-written paragraphs (you may write OR type) telling me about yourself. These paragraphs are about you, not your siblings or pets.

That's it for now! Shabbat Shalom, see you next week!