Friday, August 16, 2013

Week of 8/19- 8/23

***UPDATE!!!*** Tutorial for the Unit 1 Vocab & Roots test will be held both Friday and Monday mornings (8/23 and 8/26) beginning at 7:25 in Room 110. Come on by!

I don't know about you, but I had a FABULOUS start to the year! Thank you. What an incredibly polite, fun, and excited group of students you are! We began with understanding why we study language. Miscommunication causes a variety of issues, so the more descriptive and clear you can be in both your speech and your writing, the more success you will have making your thoughts known to others.

Over the weekend, be thinking about a symbol that represents you. It can include your initials, but should not be, for example, a stick figure holding a ball (baseball, volleyball, lacrosse stick, etc.) This is for fun, not a homework grade. You'll be drawing your symbol on the folder of work we will keep in class.

Day 1 Complete your Watsons video. When you finish, transfer the symbol you
thought about (see above) onto your classroom folders.
Day 2 You will receive your Sadlier-Oxford vocabulary workbook and roots packet.
I will explain your homework, and how to make roots cards.
I will return, with comments, the short essay you turned in on 8/16.
We will discuss The Watsons go to Birmingham. BRING YOUR BOOK TO CLASS.

Day 3 We continue our discussion of The Watsons.
We discuss language as broken down into its smallest units, then use those
units to build upon.

Day 4 We will walk through the pre-writing process, then will write a
short essay comparing/contrasting the two Watson brothers.

On Day 1 Read any book for at least twenty minutes.
On Day 2, DUE DAY 3 Complete your roots cards
Complete two of the S-O (Sadlier-Oxford) sections
On Day 3, DUE DAY 4 Complete two additional S-O sections

Your first vocabulary and roots test will be on MONDAY, AUGUST 26.