Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Week of 9/23

I have "pushed back" to this week the lesson on Literary Elements that we were unable to cover. We will also continue with Grammar studies, working next on identifying whether a word is an adverb or a preposition. Be sure to look ahead on the class calendar. We have a major cumulative vocabulary and roots test over units 1-3 on September 30, and a major test on prepositions October 7.

To study for vocab and roots, use your online resources, your workbook as well as prior tests. The cumulative test will be a different format than what you have had so far. You must be able to recognize the appropriate word by the context in which it is placed. We'll practice this in class.

To study for the preposition test, MEMORIZE the prepositions, and be able to identify the parts of the sentence as we have been doing both in class and for homework. We will have several days of review before the test.

Keep up with your Parts of Speech due dates. The rubric is on the left side of the blog if you have misplaced your hard copy. Also keep up with your reading of OOMM. Your understanding of Literary Terms requires that you be far enough into the story to understand our discussion.

Monday 9/23: Learning about the Elements of Literature - review of setting, introduction to plot, character change, and symbolism.

DESIGN NOTES for POS project due today. You may sketch, outline, bullet point - whatever works for you to show me your plan for your project.

If we have time, I will ask you to sign on to Edmodo again to reply to an OOMM prompt. IF we run out of time, this will be for homework. Check Edmodo to read the prompt.

Tuesday 9/24: Grammar - adverbs/prepositions
Review of units 1-3 words in context


Wednesday 9/25: "B" Day - Please drop off your backpack/lunch at the Middle School, then have your carpool drive you to the Lower School. Report to the LS gym. PLEASE WEAR WHITE TOPS/NAVY BOTTOMS.

In class we will be reviewing diagramming sentences (YAY!).