Thursday, October 31, 2013

Week of 11/4

The discussions about The Giver have been phenomenal! Yes, there is a sequel, titled Son. Please do not read it until AFTER the test on this book, which is Wednesday 11/6 for blocks 1,3,7 and 11/7 for Block 4. You will complete the descriptive paragraph this week, and prepare for the cumulative test over vocabulary units 4-6. Lastly, we continue with the rules for punctuation, covering the ever-confusing commas.

Morning tutorial for The Giver test will be Tuesday, 11/5
Morning tutorial for the cumulative V&R test will be Friday, 11/8

Some of you have been asking what we will be reading next. That's music to my ears!! I won't be assigning the next novel until December, and am keeping it a secret.

Day 1 - E.G. pp. 293-295 NOTE: Block 4 will go over 32-34, 290-292 as well.
Work on your descriptive paragraph(s).

Day 2 - E.G. pp. 296 - 298
Review for The Giver, make sure your K-W-I chart is ready.
Continue working on descriptive paragraph.

Day 3 - The Giver test Open Note, Open Book

Day 4 - Cumulative Vocabulary and Roots test units 4-6.

On Day 1, due Day 2 - HIGHLIGHT the punctuation rules you have learned thus far. Study units 4-6 vocabulary and roots, make sure your K-W-I chart is complete.

On Day 2, due Day 3 - Study units 4-6 vocabulary and roots, make sure your K-W-I chart is complete.

On Day 3, due Day 4 - Study units 4-6 vocabulary and roots.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Regarding the V&R Test...

Yes, I am aware that the next vocabulary test falls on November 1st. By Friday you should have the words and roots well in hand, so that a simple review the prior evening is all that is necessary. I have given you a longer amount of time for studying this unit to accommodate those concerned about the Friday test. Plan wisely, and study EACH DAY!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Week of 10/28 - 11/1

I promised that The Giver would be an amazing book, didn't I? I am so glad you are enjoying it! We will continue studying the Elements of Literature through this novel. Additionally, we will complete the review of Direct Objects and one more review of periods and apostrophes. Finally, you will work on the descriptive paragraph and will finish unit 6 of vocabulary words and roots.

Day 1:
Transfer your notations (sticky notes with topics) to a K-W-I chart which I will explain in class.
Types of conflict (handout and discussion)
Leave your E.G. book with me. It will be in the room for you to use on Tuesday.

Day 2:
Grammar - Direct Objects, Apostrophes, periods

Day 3: Work on the writing process using the descriptive writing piece you have begun.

Day 4: Unit 6 Vocabulary and Roots Test

Day 1:
Continue reading The Giver, making notations and filling in the chart.
Sign on to Edmodo and complete the prompt. Reply due DAY 3.
Study Unit 6 V&R
Day 2:
Continue reading The Giver, making notations and filling in the chart.
- Begin color-coding your notes on the K-W-I chart.
Sign on to Edmodo and complete the prompt. Reply due DAY 3.
Study Unit 6 V&R

Day 3:
Study for Unit 6 V & R.
Complete final draft of writing if not already.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Week of 10/21 - 10/25

The class begins discussion of The Giver, including literary elements of conflict and setting. Students will learn about euphemisms, and why this concept is critical to understanding the book. In grammar studies we move on to direct objects, while punctuation will move forward with apostrophes. Practice with the writing process continues as we explore WebspirationClassroom using the details gathered from last week's snack experience.

Day 1 - We will spend our time in the Media Center, sharing Parts of Speech projects.

Day 2 - Vocab and Roots Test Unit 5
Discussion of The Giver, taking notes in a novel

Day 3 - Grammar and Mechanics: direct objects and apostrophes

Day 4 - Writing process on Webspiration Classroom

Day 1 (due Day 2) - Study for V&R Unit 5, Read The Giver
Day 2 (due Day 3) - Notate The Giver to answer questions assigned
Day 3 (due Day 4) - Unit 6, 2 sections of vocab, roots cards
Complete pp. 32, 33 in E.G.
Day 4 (due MONDAY 10/28) - Unit 6, 2 sections of vocab, 3 root example definitions

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Week of 10/14

We complete the unit on prepositions this week, and begin reading The Giver, by Lois Lowry as well as work on making writing more descriptive. The pacing chart for this novel will be posted outside the classroom door, as well as via the blog link located on the left side of the blog.

Day 1: Students requested that the Unit 4 Test be moved to Monday, 10/14. STUDY SESSION for this test is Monday morning in Room 110.
Turn in the OOMM Take Home Exam.

Day 2: Descriptive writing. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN SNACK for this class. You will be writing about the snack you bring - FRUITS and VEGETABLES are best.

Day 3: Preposition Test

Day 4: "C" day. Complete your Visual Response from OOMM if you have not done so. If your response is completed, go onto Edmodo, and reply to the prompt.

Day 1 -> Due day 2: BRING A SNACK TO CLASS!
Complete p. 30 in the E.G. workbook.
Begin reading The Giver

Day 2 -> Due day 3: Unit 5 roots cards, 2 vocabulary sections
Read The Giver according to the pacing chart.

Day 3 -> Due day 4: 2 sections of vocabulary, 3 words defined using root definitions from this week's root words

For those interest in seeing more from the wonderful Victor Borge, follow this link: Borge on YouTube

Friday, October 4, 2013

Week of 10/7 - 10/11


This week we will be reviewing the unit on prepositions, then focusing on review of capitalization and punctuation rules. Additionally, we move ahead to Unit 4 of vocabulary and roots. Each day, I will be asking if you have any questions about the expectations for the Out of My Mind Take Home Exam. I am happy to clarify anything for you, but you must ASK. For this exam, be sure you provide EVIDENCE FROM THE BOOK for your answers, just as you did for your Watsons essay.

Parts of Speech projects are due on Thursday for Blocks 4 & 7 and on Friday for Blocks 1 & 3.

Unit 4 Vocab test will be Friday, 10/11.

OOMM Take Home Exam is also due 10/11, but you may turn it in early if you wish. If you need additional time, you may turn the exam in on Monday 10/13.


In class:
Day 1: EG preposition review pp. 23, 24
Capitalization pp. 265-266
Punctuation pp. 287-289

Day 2: EG preposition review pp. 25, 26
Capitalization p. 267
Punctuation pp. 290-291

Day 3: EG preposition review p. 28
Capitalization pp. 268-269
"Verbal Punctuation"

Day 4: Unit 4 V&R test

For homework:
Day 1, due Day 2: Unit 4 vocab 2 sections, roots cards
Complete at least one of the OOMM exam questions

Day 2, due Day 3: Choose words containing the roots. Write the word's definition using the root word definition (as we practiced in class.)
EG finish pp. 25, 26 if not completed in class
EG p. 27
Complete at least one of the OOMM exam questions

Day 3, due Day 4: Complete OOMM Take home exam.

NOTE: Students, you should be utilizing your study hall time EFFECTIVELY. If you need assistance with breaking down assignments over this week, I would be happy to assist you. Please ask!