Thursday, October 17, 2013

Week of 10/21 - 10/25

The class begins discussion of The Giver, including literary elements of conflict and setting. Students will learn about euphemisms, and why this concept is critical to understanding the book. In grammar studies we move on to direct objects, while punctuation will move forward with apostrophes. Practice with the writing process continues as we explore WebspirationClassroom using the details gathered from last week's snack experience.

Day 1 - We will spend our time in the Media Center, sharing Parts of Speech projects.

Day 2 - Vocab and Roots Test Unit 5
Discussion of The Giver, taking notes in a novel

Day 3 - Grammar and Mechanics: direct objects and apostrophes

Day 4 - Writing process on Webspiration Classroom

Day 1 (due Day 2) - Study for V&R Unit 5, Read The Giver
Day 2 (due Day 3) - Notate The Giver to answer questions assigned
Day 3 (due Day 4) - Unit 6, 2 sections of vocab, roots cards
Complete pp. 32, 33 in E.G.
Day 4 (due MONDAY 10/28) - Unit 6, 2 sections of vocab, 3 root example definitions