Thursday, November 7, 2013

Week of 11/11

This is a short week, with a regular Monday schedule, and an "A" schedule on Tuesday and Wednesday. This week we will cover Point of View, how it applies to different types of writing, continuation with grammar and mechanics, and writing formal and informal letters.

You will learn about a long-term project and a change in how I will be checking homework for vocabulary and root words as we begin second trimester.

Day 1: Types of writing, Point of View
You will learn about your long term assignment - a newspaper article
Unit 7 vocabulary and root words

Day 2: Easy Grammar pp. 299-300 (semi-colons) and 35-39 (verbs)

Day 3: Writing letters - formal and informal, digital and paper

Day 1 - Due DAY 3 Vocabulary and roots - 10 sentences
Day 2 - Due Day 3 Vocabulary and roots - 10 sentences
Day 3 - Study for the Unit 7 test on Monday, 11/18