Thursday, January 9, 2014

Week of 1/13

We wrap up our unit on the mystery genre and move forward to reading Peak, by Roland Smith. Unit 9 test occurs this week, as well as a lesson on linking verbs and a special lesson on Friday when we have the confluence (Look it up!) of Tu B'Shevat and Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday observance. The mystery boxes will be displayed in the media center. Please be patient regarding grading. This type of project takes a significant amount of time for me to evaluate.

UNIT 9 pre-test tutorial on TUESDAY MORNING.

Please note that we will be taking the next week's vocabulary from the novel, rather than from the Sadlier-Oxford book. There will be no root words for this unit.

Day 1: Complete your mystery box. When completed, you will be provided with three choices of sites related to real-world investigations that you may explore. I will also distribute Peak.
Day 2: Vocabulary and Roots test Unit 9. When you have completed the test, you may begin working on the day's homework.
Day 3: E.G. pp. 60-70 (includes linking verbs and direct objects)
Day 4: Mountains and personification.

Day 1 (Due day 2): Study for vocabulary test.
Day 2 (Due Day 3): Edmodo post
Day 3 (Due Day 4): Complete E.G. pages if not completed in class, create note cards for Peak vocabulary
Day 4 (Due Tuesday): Complete poem if not completed in class.