Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More help with predicate nominatives and predicate adjectives

Hey everybody, take a look at another winner from Schoolhouse Rock. Mr. Morton
See how many sentences you can find with "WAS" as the verb. Example: Mr. Morton was sad. Since we know WAS is a linking verb, SAD is the predicate adjective! When Mr. Morton "DOES" - listen for the Direct Object that follows, since those verbs are ACTION VERBS.

This one identifies the subject complement (both pred. nominatives and pred. adjectives are subject complements) but doesn't identify whether they are nominatives or adjectives. See if you can identify which is which. Vid #2

Don't worry if this is still confusing. As we continue to practice this will make sense.
REMEMBER: ACTION VERBS ----> Direct Objects
LINKING VERBS ------> Predicate nominative or predicate adjective