Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week of 1/20

Never underestimate your power as a human being. Treat every living creature with the same amount of respect you feel you deserve. These are the lessons of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Have the courage to speak up for injustice - this is the way of Torah. The bombing of The Temple in the early 1960s was not random. The head rabbi at the time, Rabbi Rothschild, openly supported the Civil Rights Movement. Thus, the Temple was targeted by the KKK. Did the congregation run in fear? Close the synagogue? No. They walked with their African American brothers and sisters. As you take this day off from school, remember what we are observing: the birth of a leader who changed the course of American history.

This week will be "A" schedules, with a regular Friday. We continue our unit on verbs, covering subject-verb agreement, looking at Peak with an eye on literary elements, and concluding with the Peak vocabulary test.
NOTE: THE SPELLING BEE will be held in the gym during study hall time on Tuesday. (8:05)

Day 1 (Tuesday): Easy Grammar pp. 71-78, review of subject complements/linking verbs
Day 2 (Wednesday): Easy Grammar pp. 82-85, understanding 'tagging' of buildings, and climbing
Day 3 (Thursday): Literary Elements - be sure to bring your Literary Elements chart with you
Day 4 (Friday): Peak vocabulary test

Day 1: Due Day 2 - E.G. pp. 79-81, Due Day 3 - 12 sentences using Peak vocabulary words
Day 2: Due Day 3 - E.G. pp. 86-87, 12 sentences using Peak vocabulary words
Day 3: Due Monday, 1/27, write to your pen pal, including a recipe for your favorite dish. PROOFREAD your letter, please!
Study for Peak vocab test on Day 4.

Below is an image of Rabbi Rothschild and Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the South’s first racially integrated banquet in 1965. Courtesy MARBL, Emory Magazine, Autumn, 2008.