Friday, January 24, 2014

Week of 1/27

This week Peak continues his climb, and we complete the verb unit. Many of you have asked whether there will be a project associated with Peak. The answer is "Sort-of." On Day 3 of this week, you will be creating Prayer Flags while we discuss the novel. Please note the poll on the side of the blog. Vote for whether you want the Peak test to be in class or take-home. If the test is in class, there will be no other projects with this unit. If the test is take-home, you will have a creative piece that allows for you to create another project in addition to the test questions.
-------Please be honest and vote only once.

Day 1: Verb unit review, begin work on Unit 10 vocabulary and root words.
Day 2: Verb unit review, diagramming sentences
Day 3: Discussion about Peak, literary elements (foreshadowing, tone, theme, conflict),
Creating prayer flags
Day 4: Verb Unit Test

On Day 1, due Day 2: Begin learning unit 10 vocab/roots
On Day 2, Due Day 3: Upload the information you found about your Mystery Topic (what you chose to learn about)onto your Weebly site that you created in Jewish Studies. Create a new page for this information. You will be adding photos of your box (which will be taken for you)another day.
Due Day 4: 12 sentences using words/roots from Unit 10.
On Day 3, Due Day 4: Review/study the verb unit to prepare for the unit test.