Thursday, January 30, 2014

To test or not to test...

Many students have emailed me asking whether Friday's Verb Test is still "on." Firstly, THANK YOU to those of you who have been using your Snowmageddon time for school work! I hope you had a healthy balance of fun time as well. I know we have many incredible stories to share. My plan is this: if we DO have school on Friday, Blocks 1 and 4 will have the Verb Test as planned, as they have had the review and are ready. Blocks 3 and 7 will have the review on Friday, and will have the test on Monday. On Monday, Blocks 1 and 4 will complete the Prayer Flag activity I had planned for Wed./Thurs. I don't honestly know whether Blocks 3 and 7 will have the same opportunity. We will need to move forward in grammar and with Peak.

As for the vocabulary homework which was due on Friday, it is still due. The Unit 10 test will not move. It is scheduled for next week. If we DON'T have school on Friday, ALL blocks will have the Verb Test on Monday. Use the Study Guide to help you review, as well as the multitude of resources available on the web. Stay warm, everybody!