Sunday, February 2, 2014

Take Three!

After much thoughtful consideration of our situation, here is the "final" plan for this week. First of all, we will NOT be having a Unit 10 vocabulary and roots test. You ARE expected to learn the meanings and turn in your sentences. The words and roots in this unit will appear on a cumulative test covering units 10-12.

Monday is a unique day as Block 1 will not have Language Arts, but all other Blocks will. As such, Monday will be a review day for the verb test for Blocks 3 and 7. Block 4 will have a special assignment related to the Weather Event we all survived. The Verb Test will be on DAY 2.

Day 3 will be comprised of further discussion of Peak, the associated literary elements, and taking notes for the Peak test. Day 4 we will plow ahead with the noun unit in Easy Grammar, and Unit 11 vocabulary and roots.

Day 1: Blocks 3/7 - Verb Review, Block 4 Verb Review and Snowmageddon Stories
Day 2: Verb Test
Day 3: Peak, Literary Elements, Note-Taking from the novel
Day 4: Easy Grammar - Nouns

On Day 1, due Day 2: Study your verb unit, using the Study Guide
On Day 2, Due Day 3: Complete the Unit 10 sentences if not already completed
On Day 3, Due Day 4: Make sure your notes for Peak are completed (begun in class)