Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week of 2/24

This week we review the lessons on nouns, begin a persuasive paper, and discuss a fun Purim shpiel!Additionally, we cover Unit 12 vocabulary and root words. The cumulative test for Units 10-12 will not occur until March 14. The test for Unit 12 only will be on March 5.

Day 1: Review/check Easy Grammar noun pages through page 124
Introduction to the Persuasive Paper. This essay will require research.
Finish taking mystery box photos/uploading to Weebly

Day 2: Overview of writing process, facts vs. opinions, validating internet sources
Begin research

Day 3: Paraphrasing and plagiarism, review of citation on EasyBib
Continue research

Day 4: 1/2 day - we will discuss the annual Purim shpiel, and choose a theme/parody

Day 1: Begin learning Unit 12 roots and words
On Day 2, due Day 3: E.G. pages 125-126
On Day 3, due Day 4: E.G. pages 127-128
DUE Day 4: 12 sentences using words/roots from Unit 12.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Playing "Catch-up"

As we have no control over how the weather impacts our scheduling, trying to complete our Peak unit has been quite the challenge. We need one more class day to wrap up our discussion from the lesson on conflict from Feb. 11. For those of you who were absent, please take the time to get the answers for the handout (link is on the right side of the blog) from someone who was in school. Remember also that the sentences for Unit 11 vocabulary and root words are due Tuesday, Feb. 18. THESE SHOULD BE TURNED IN WHETHER OR NOT YOU HAVE CLASS ON TUESDAY! If you do not normally have Language Arts on Tuesday, drop off your sentences sometime before dismissal. Sentences delivered to me on Wednesday will be considered late. If you forgot to bring home your Sadlier-Oxford book, use the Sadlier-Oxford site, the Quizlet link, and the Vocabtest site I have shown you in Tutorials.

If you have your Easy Grammar book at home (I did ask you to take it with you on Tuesday) work through page 124 as best you can. Do not skip over the pages of reading and explanation. Use a highlighter to note the key information.

Feb. 18: "regular day 2 schedule" Final review of Peak, summary of noun lessons
Feb. 19: Day 2 blocks - Final review of Peak, summary of noun lessons
Day 3 blocks - Peak Test OPEN NOTE, OPEN BOOK - bring your charts/notes/book
Feb. 20: Day 3 blocks - Peak Test OPEN NOTE, OPEN BOOK - bring your charts/notes/book
Feb. 21: All blocks - vocabulary and roots test, Unit 11 only.

Your only homework this week is to make sure your Peak notes are complete and accurate and to study the Unit 11 words and roots. Additionally, be thinking about these questions:
1) Should Mount Everest be closed permanently to climbers? (Why or why not?)
2) Are the dangers of high altitude climbing worth the potential success?

Friday, February 7, 2014

Week of 2/10

This week we complete Peak, and move on to nouns in Grammar. As you review the literary elements, think about what the ideas in Peak have to do with the world beyond our classroom. Conflict occurs in real life, not just in books.

Day 1: Review literary elements and characterization from Peak
Begin learning Unit 11 words and roots, clarification of words from Unit 10
Day 2: Big-picture understanding of conflict in life
Easy Grammar - Nouns pp. 115-119

Day 3: Peak Test - open note, open book
Make sure you complete your note-taking sheets and BRING THEM WITH YOU!

No Day 4 - Enjoy your second Winter Break!

Day 1: Complete Easy Grammar pages 111-114
Vocab/Roots sentences for Unit 11 will be due 2/18.
Make sure your Peak notes are completed, and that you have identified any questions you want to ask in class on Day 2.

Day 2: Prepare for the Peak Test by reviewing your notes and making sure you understand the literary elements.

Day 3: Easy Grammar pages 120-124.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Take Three!

After much thoughtful consideration of our situation, here is the "final" plan for this week. First of all, we will NOT be having a Unit 10 vocabulary and roots test. You ARE expected to learn the meanings and turn in your sentences. The words and roots in this unit will appear on a cumulative test covering units 10-12.

Monday is a unique day as Block 1 will not have Language Arts, but all other Blocks will. As such, Monday will be a review day for the verb test for Blocks 3 and 7. Block 4 will have a special assignment related to the Weather Event we all survived. The Verb Test will be on DAY 2.

Day 3 will be comprised of further discussion of Peak, the associated literary elements, and taking notes for the Peak test. Day 4 we will plow ahead with the noun unit in Easy Grammar, and Unit 11 vocabulary and roots.

Day 1: Blocks 3/7 - Verb Review, Block 4 Verb Review and Snowmageddon Stories
Day 2: Verb Test
Day 3: Peak, Literary Elements, Note-Taking from the novel
Day 4: Easy Grammar - Nouns

On Day 1, due Day 2: Study your verb unit, using the Study Guide
On Day 2, Due Day 3: Complete the Unit 10 sentences if not already completed
On Day 3, Due Day 4: Make sure your notes for Peak are completed (begun in class)