Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week of 2/24

This week we review the lessons on nouns, begin a persuasive paper, and discuss a fun Purim shpiel!Additionally, we cover Unit 12 vocabulary and root words. The cumulative test for Units 10-12 will not occur until March 14. The test for Unit 12 only will be on March 5.

Day 1: Review/check Easy Grammar noun pages through page 124
Introduction to the Persuasive Paper. This essay will require research.
Finish taking mystery box photos/uploading to Weebly

Day 2: Overview of writing process, facts vs. opinions, validating internet sources
Begin research

Day 3: Paraphrasing and plagiarism, review of citation on EasyBib
Continue research

Day 4: 1/2 day - we will discuss the annual Purim shpiel, and choose a theme/parody

Day 1: Begin learning Unit 12 roots and words
On Day 2, due Day 3: E.G. pages 125-126
On Day 3, due Day 4: E.G. pages 127-128
DUE Day 4: 12 sentences using words/roots from Unit 12.

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