Friday, March 14, 2014

Fun week ahead...

The Purim Shpiels are ready to go! Please go directly to the Lower School on Monday morning. If you bring lunch, simply bring it to the Lower School with you. I will make sure it gets back to the LA room for you to pick up at lunchtime. If you have a brown bag lunch, please put your name on it!

Test on nouns this week, then the trip to Whitwell, TN to see the Paper Clips project/museum. Don't forget to turn in your permission form. On Day 2, you will receive a book to begin reading for our next literature study, which will be a series of myths/short stories and more! In class, if you have time after the assigned activities, I will ask that you continue working on your Persuasive Essay. You should have all your facts now. The next step is organizing the information, then you will create the rough draft.

No blog entry for the week of the 24th as we will work on the paper then head to Charleston! Woo hoo!

Day 1: Celebrate Chag Purim
Day 2: Review of noun unit, work on Persuasive Essay, receive book of myths
Day 3: Noun Unit test, work on Persuasive Essay
Day 4: Trip to Whitwell

Monday, March 24: Discussion of myths, work on Persuasive Essay

Day 2: Review for Nouns Test
Day 3: Read from mythology text

See you Monday!