Friday, March 7, 2014

Prepping for Purim Puppetry

This week we have an exciting integration with Judaic studies and performing arts. Each of you will have a part in putting on a shadow puppet show for Mechina-3 at the Lower School Purim celebration on the 17th. The theme for the shpiel is superheroes. "The Hamanator vs. the One and Only Excellent Esther and her Uncle, Marvelous Mordy" will require some of you to be puppeteers, some of you to perform the script, and some of you to work sound effects/props.

This experience fulfills the mitzvah of modeling menschlikeit behavior, teaches you teamwork, cooperation, and planning, and allows for creative expression. Additionally, we will be examining how a script mirrors plot structure in a novel and contains the elements of literature you have studied.

Everyone will be making a shadow puppet, and most of you will be helping younger students create miniature puppets on the 17th. Nationally recognized educator/artist Marilyn Price will be in residence at the Middle School Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. You will be working on the shpiel in both your Language Arts block and Judaic studies block.

MEANWHILE...on Monday we will wrap up the unit on nouns in Easy Grammar. On Friday, you will have your Cumulative Test on Units 10-12. The Noun Unit test will be Day 3 NEXT WEEK (either 3/19 or 3/20.)

Monday: Complete Noun Unit - Direct Objects, Indirect Objects, review
Days 2 and 3: PURIM SHPIEL!
Day 4: Cumulative Test Vocabulary and Roots Units 10-12.

On Monday: Make sure you have completed through page 136 in Easy Grammar
TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY: Review for the cumulative test. Remember that we did not have a test over Unit 10, so pay careful attention to those words and roots. PEAK vocabulary will not be on the test.