Friday, October 3, 2014

Upcoming weeks 10/6 - 10/15

As our celebration of the fall haggim continues, we have several more non-block schedule days. We will soon begin reading The Giver, but you will need to have Out of my Mind AT SCHOOL to use as we continue our study of literary elements. If you were absent on Friday, October 3, be sure to watch the short video on diagramming. The link is listed under "Important Links."

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are taking the recovery version of the Prepositions Test, you must remember to come to Room 110 during Study Hall. I will give you a pass during your regular block of L.A.

This week
10/6: Unit 4 Vocabulary and Roots test, work on Watsons Essay
10/7: "A" Schedule - Work on Watsons Essay, turn in TWO copies. If your essay is completed, you may get a head start on the next journal entry or work on punctuation note cards, which I will explain.
10/8: "A" Schedule - We will be in the Media Center, sharing our Parts of Speech projects

Next week
10/13: Easy Grammar - direct objects, "functions in a sentence" vs. "parts of speech"

10/14: Literary Elements, annotation (YOU MUST BRING OOMM TO CLASS)

10/15: Annual Simchat Torah celebration at Lower School "B" day - using Google Docs, MLA format/Tellus Essay, Weebly

Due 10/7: E.G. 299-300
Due 10/8: E.G. 301-303
Due 10/13: Edmodo Journal Entry #4
Due 10/14: E.G. 304-306
Due 10/15: E.G. 265-266 AND Unit 5 V&R exercises/cards

ALSO due 10/14: Create a set of notecards for the punctuation rules as follows:
- group by topic (all comma rules the same color)
- each card should have one rule
- each card should show three examples (examples do not have to come from E.G., but must be correct)
- I will give you a Ziploc baggie in which to keep your cards.