Friday, December 5, 2014

12/8 - 12/12

This week we wrap up The Giver with an open-note, open-book test. Additionally, we complete Unit 8 vocabulary and roots. Please remember that the newspaper article is due NO LATER THAN December 12. I cannot make any exceptions to this deadline due to printing. This week, the only required guided lesson will be on subject complements on Day 2. You may choose when you wish to take your vocabulary and Giver tests - Day 2 or Day 3. Monday I will answer any questions you may have about material covered on both tests. We'll also try to get to the Book Fair. On Friday, we'll begin our review for Midterms. Each day will be a different series of competitions between groups, which I will assign. Review is always a fun experience in Room 110!

You will need to select your mystery novel from the list on the link to the right of the blog. We have some of these titles in the classroom, some in the media center, and many may be downloaded electronically. You are welcome to check out a copy from the local branch of your public library as well. You are expected to finish reading your book of choice by January 5.

I will provide information about recovery for the Mechanics test on Tuesday, at which time all students will have completed the test. If you scored below 75% you are eligible for recovery.

Monday: I will answer any questions about vocab, roots, and The Giver.
We take a trip to the Book Fair.
Students who were asked to read Among the Hidden will have a small group chat.
Use remaining time to work on E.G. 57-61 or complete a monster drawing/description.

Day 2 or Day 3: Guided - Subject complements (predicate nominatives, predicate adjectives)
Vocab and Roots Test, The Giver Test

Group review for Midterms
If I asked you to create a podcast, you will record today. Please complete the script in advance.

I'm glad you are all enjoying Murder Files!


Complete your newspaper article by Friday.
Complete the next Edmodo post (#8) by 12/16
E.G. through p. 70 by Friday (may be completed in class as well)
Take the time to clean out your binder and language arts folder. These are the items you should have in the yellow folder all year:
1) Roots list
2) Chart of literary elements
3) Six types of conflict
4) Spelling and diction packet (this is printed on blue paper)
5) MLA format
6) Point of view table (this is on more than one handout)

Other papers should be archived.