Tuesday, November 25, 2014


As we approach the celebration of Thanksgiving, please know that I often reflect on how fortunate I am to be teaching you and getting to know your families. Your desire to learn, to work hard, and to share your knowledge (that's a compound subject) makes coming in to work each day a positive experience for me. As you probably know, I am always searching for ways to make YOUR experience equally engaging.

In the coming week, we will have the pleasure of sharing the excitement of middle school with the 5th grade shadow buddies. In class we'll wrap up our study of The Giver; I will explain how the 6th L.A. midterm will be administered; we'll do some diagramming work; and we'll begin Unit 8 V&R. Please note you have a major writing assignment (newspaper article) due on 12/12. If you wish to turn in a rough draft for me to edit, do so by 12/8 so you will have time to make changes. You will also have Journal Entry #7 due 12/8 as well. Plan your time accordingly.

Monday 12/1: Annotation of The Giver BRING YOUR BOOK TO CLASS!, Distribution of midterm study materials

Day 2 (Tuesday/Wednesday): Diagramming practice, questions about Unit 8 words/roots, Murder Files (No, I won't tell you about this until class!)

Day 3 12/4: Pros and cons of uniformity, the ending of The Giver, Murder Files

Day 4 12/5: "B" schedule Rock Shabbat! Easy Grammar 57-61, Direct Objects, Murder Files


- Begin learning Unit 8 words/roots,
- Work on your Newspaper Article (due 12/12)
- Edmodo Journal entry due 12/8

From the Unit 7 test bonuos: polymorphic = able to change into many forms (poly = many, morph = ability to change, ic = having the form of)