Saturday, November 15, 2014

Finally! A block schedule!

HOORAY! I am so glad to finally have a regular week's schedule. This allows us to have our modified instruction which will be blended. The topics for guided portions of class are listed below. This week will allow us to accelerate for those of you who have demonstrated readiness. I have the final say on who is and is not ready for acceleration.

Those students, who I will meet with on Monday during class, will begin reading Among the Hidden which we will use to compare with The Giver. Additionally, students whose final 1st Trimester average was 95 or higher will be producing a podcast for our class. I will tell you more about that this week.

Your parents will receive an email late Monday explaining the Newspaper Article which I will assign in class on Monday. You must take the Unit 7 vocabulary and roots test on either Thursday or Friday. You may take the Punctuation/Capitalization test on Fri., Mon., or Tues. If you know you will be out next week, you will be taking the U7 test Thursday and the Mechanics Test on Friday.

Day 1 (Monday)
- Guided (everyone): Newspaper Article, irregular verbs (E.G. pp. 45-48)
- Independent: Check your work on the Capitalization/Punctuation pages in E.G./complete your index cards/ annotate The Giver, finish Edmodo Journal #6 (You cannot access the animalselfies site at school. Plan accordingly.)
- Accelerate: Receive Among the Hidden
- I will be checking vocabulary and roots for those of you who scored below 90% in that category 1st Trimester. I will let you know on Monday who you are. If you scored 90-100%, you are doing a super job and will be exempt from this grade!

NOTE: If you are taking the Cumulative 4-5-6 Recovery Test, you must do so during Study Hall on Monday or Tuesday of this week.

Tellus Essay revisions are due on FRIDAY - NO EXCEPTIONS. Simply fix your essay on Google Docs.

Day 2 (Tuesday, Wednesday)
- Guided: citations and plagiarism - knowing when to use quotation marks
- Independent: Telescoping Text for more descriptive writing, diagramming practice with D.O., compounds, E.G. 49-53
- Accelerated: Podcast topics and writing

Day 3 (Thursday)
- Guided: irregular verb tense, symbolism in The Giver (It is EVERYWHERE!)
- Independent: Small groups will practice irregular verbs with a fun online game
- Assessment: U7 V&R Test

Day 4 (Friday)
- Assessment: U7 V&R Test OR Mechanics Test (Punctuation and Capitalization)