Saturday, November 8, 2014

Short Week but MUCH TO DO...

***Will has a BRILLIANT tip for you all! Do you have more than one Google account? Have you forgotten which account you created your Google Doc in? Simply share your document with your other email address, then you will have it in both places!!!***

We have a regular Monday, and "A" schedules Tuesday and Wednesday. No school Thursday and Friday for Parent-Teacher conferences. I am modifying the GUIDED lessons to cover annotation for The Giver, which we did not get to on Friday.

- Complete pages 267 - 286, 307-309 in Easy Grammar
- Continue working on making your punctuation cards. You will need these for the Punctuation Test which will be offered 11/21, 11/24 and 11/25.
- Be reading and annotating (with sticky notes or a grid) The Giver. Not sure what to annotate? Take a look at the PowerPoint (link is on the side of the blog).
- Journal entry #5 is due on Monday, 11/10. Journal entry #6 will be up on Tuesday, 11/11, due 11/18.
- You have changes to your Weebly due on Nov. 17, including a blog post ON WEEBLY, not Edmodo.

IN CLASS, I will help you plan your work.
Here is the schedule of GUIDED sessions:

11/10 - Annotation, commas with clauses/coordinating conjunctions, accessing Kaizena for your essay feedback
11/11 - ("A" Schedule)Conflict in literature *EVERYONE NEEDS TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS LESSON"
11/12 - ("A" Schedule)Vocabulary Unit 7 - answers to Easy Grammar pages will be available for you to check your work.

Irregular verbs, scheduled for Monday, will be moved to Monday of next week.
Thespians auditioning for the musical...BREAK A LEG!!!